[PSP] Chimera Sovereignty Pocket-Sized [English Patched]

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[PSP] Chimera Sovereignty Pocket-Sized [English Patched]

Original Title : ファントム・キングダム
Genre : Skilful RPG
Series : Disgaea
Year : PlayStation Carriable — JP October 6, 2011; English Field v0.9.3 — 05 April 2015
Developer : Nippon Ichi Software
Publishers : Nippon Ichi Software
Language : English
Translation team :
Programmer: ChepChep, Ignis00
Translator: Ignis00, DurableTomb

About this rush: :
This is an enhanced seaport of the PS2 event «Makai Empire: Chronicles of the Ceremonial Tome» for PSP.

The story«s principal is a self-proclaimed «Bad-ass Freakin» Overlord» named The Almighty Zetta, who attempts to baulk the extermination of his netherworld prophesized by Pram the Augur. After discovering the Ceremonial Tome, Zetta finds a facilities claiming that his own foolhardiness would be the undoing of his Netherworld. Infuriated, he burns the , only to commemorate in a minute afterwards that destroying the would devastate his smashing. He swiftly responds by confining his force to the Ceremonial Tome and ventures to rewrite his smashing into actuality by having the other Overlords of Netherworlds ignore wishes within his pages.

Important :
Decoding Prominence: 99%
The event is fully playable.

Everything is translated except a few images and first intro video along with mini-segments between chapters.

Decoding Details: Water Menu + options 100% Engagement Menu – 100% Morality Names – 100% Inform On Menu – 100% Items — 100% Skills – 100%
Fairy Tale: Chapter 1: 99% Chapter 2: 99% Chapter 3: 99% Chapter 4: 99% Chapter 5: 99% Chapter 6: 99% Chapter 7: 99% Chapter 8: 99% Chapter 9: 99% Chapter 10: 99%
Perquisite Chapter 1: 99% Perquisite Chapter 2: 99% Perquisite Chapter 3: 99% Perquisite Chapter 4: 99%

First off, pilfer sure you have the latest reading of PPSSPP, because the dishonour settings of the emulator cause a awful sift bug you need to blip a order to be able to looseness this event. See this steps:
1.Go to the folder where you have PPSSPP installed, in my occurrence: “ppssppmemstickPSPSYSTEM”
2.Open the order “ppsspp.ini” with notepad.
3.Find the crinkle that says: “FuncReplacements = True”
4.And transform it to Untrue, like this: FuncReplacements = False
5.Now fasten the order and when asked to conserve click yes.
6.Now you can catapult PPSSPP and looseness the event like typical without Awful Sift.
7.Credits to “Elaugaufein” from PPSSPP Forums.

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