Ninjabread Man [WBFS] (RNME5Z) {NTSC} [wiiGM]

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|Ninjabread Man|

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Come Out With Woman: October 2nd, 2007

|What Is This?|

This deluge contains a Nintendo Wii Scheme in WBFS hugeness, which is actually just a compressed ISO notion. It is noteworthy to note that your Wii reads this folder straight away from a systematic pep (there is really no need to transmute it). However, this scheme can well be converted uphold to a copious-hugeness ISO faster than it takes to selection a ZIP folder using either of these programs for Windows or Mac:

In unsuitable to with this scheme on your Nintendo Wii, you will need a one of a kind fragment installed that allows it to with backed-up games, or you will need to do a squashable-mod and instal The Homebrew Medium. Here is an champion author for everything you need to know about squashable-modding your Wii and installing The Homebrew Medium:


To get Wii games onto your solace after you have bought a fragment or performed a squashable-mod, you will need to put them on an outer systematic pep or long them to a disc. Whenever you long a Wii ISO notion to a disc, always long at a slower go like greased lightning (2x or 4x) for best results and use a dual-layer disc if the ISO exceeds 8 GB in hugeness. You can use one of these programs for Windows or Mac:

If you own an outer systematic pep and want to with Wii games straight away off of it, use one of the following programs for Windows or Mac to hugeness the systematic pep to WBFS and move games:

To with the Wii games after transferring them to an outer systematic pep, you will need what is called a USB loader of some systematize. It is noteworthy to note that some USB Loaders can study games from an NTFS or FAT32 division (just reproduce the WBFS folder to the sheer settle of the design), but there are limitations to each of these and you will typically have more achievement formatting to WBFS.

You can use one of these USB loaders to with your games, just organize good the instructions located on the purlieus to instal it via The Homebrew Medium (basically put any Homebrew program in a folder called «apps» on the settle of your SD birthday card and organize sure the DOL folder is named «boot.dol»):

USB Loader GX:

Configurable USB Loader:

WiiCoverFlow (aka CoverFloader):


USB Loader MRC:


uLoader by Hermes: — 5-0-here.html

Every scheme that I upload is in NTSC-U (North American) hugeness, but many can also be played with PAL (European) or NTSC-J (Japanese & Korean) Wii hardware.

The work out this Wii scheme might be smaller in hugeness than the pattern ISO folder is the consequence of wonderful-compression only. I have not taken out anything but exhaust gen, and if converted uphold it will be a copious-sized ISO.

|Wii Emulator for PC|

In unsuitable to with this scheme on your PC, you will need a very constant CPU and a dear-show graphics birthday card. A one of a kind tip: The Papers Domination-Change Position-Effluence to exposed the Criticize Head, and end the take care of explorer.exe while match the Dolphin Emulator. When finished playing, go uphold to the Criticize Head and the papers Folder, New Criticize and genus in explorer.exe and click OK.

Here is the only wealthy Wii Emulator for PC:

(Please note that not every Wii scheme is currently compatible with a PC emulator yet)


|Other Gen / Reviews|
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