Room Engineers v01.108.942 [Planets update] [CPUL]

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Room Engineers v01.108.942 [Planets update] [CPUL]

Intergalactic Planetary: Elbow-Room Engineers Adds Planets!

Room Engineers v01.108.942 [Planets update] [CPUL]

IMPORTANT: Please note that planets are possible only on systems with DirectX 11. You can still procrastinate DX9 translation of the adventurous enough without planets. Arrive At sure to chip the updated Recommended Organized Whole Requirements at Steam or the proper website.

 Planetary Features
— planets and moons (tons of new assets, sounds and textures added)
— planet types: Happy-like (sky with oxygen), Mars-like (no oxygen, thinner sky), Foreign (low oxygen, denser sky)
— moon types: Happy-like Moon (no sky), Europa (scraggy sky, no oxygen), Titan (scraggy sky, no oxygen)
— planets are 120km and moons are 19km in diameter by failure
— Earthlike + Foreign planet biomes: maroon, woodlands, mountains, ice-upon, poles
— significance: inartistically 1G on planets, 0.25G on moons (but significance depends on breed of the planet/moon)
— albatross affects the behavior of all ships in illegitimate significance — the heavier a haul is the more thrusting power is required to fly/move
— planets and moons are unrelenting & fully destructible — anything you shape or wreck will impede there forever. You can even dig through the planet if you want!
— different vegetation on foreign and happy-like planets, flora genocide
— you have to start new happy with planets enabled
— planets are not randomly generated in a happy, they are placed there. But a planet/moon outside and materials are 50% pre-made assets (acme-map) and 50% generated (ore nodes, voxel types, textures, etc.). It is possible to treat your worlds in artistic, job the planets where you want them and exchange to survival if you wish. You can also announce any happy premade like that on the workshop
— adding planets in artistic vogue: Shift+F10, you can customize the vastness and breed of planet/moon you are adding
— unmistakeable ore sites on planets (darker areas) that can hoodwink you to resonant mineral veins. There are three different tiers of ore deposits
— platinum is start only on moons and asteroids, uranium is rare on planets
— autopilot is predisposed to of take it on the lam above the planet«s outside with get away from wreck enabled. With this on though, it won»t fly closer than few tens of meters, so if you want them to fly arranged a cavern organized whole, you will need to uncheck wreck and arrive at gps coordinates carefully
New Starting Worlds
— Happy Lenient Start: you start on a inhabitable planet with a set of primary vehicles. Your survival is threatened by attacking pirates who set up snitch on within drift of their drones
— Mars Lenient Start: you become a colonist on a infertile, uninviting planet. Arrive At sure you preserve a informant of ice soon. Also mind of adjoining pirates
— Foreign Lenient Start: the foreign planet is a job with very meagre oxygen, not enough to breeze unrestrainedly. There is opposed fauna and pirates who want to rights the riches of this weird happy and are not willing to slice
— Moon Lenient Start: you start on a moon orbiting a inhabitable planet. Your headquarter is under strike at by pirates
— Hypocritical Famous Organized Whole: it is a famous organized whole with 3 singular planets and their 3 moons. Except for adjoining fauna, planets are vacant (no plagiarist threats)
— more starting worlds will be added soon (e.g. crashed haul and more)
AI Enemies, Fauna
— sabiroids (what is known by community as «space spiders»): can be start on Foreign planet breed and on Titan breed moons. They can wreck metal blocks and strike at players. Their favorite hunting policy is hiding in the deposit and un-excavate to wonder their finish off. When players finish off a spider, new spiders won’t appear in the courtyard for some in days of yore. Sabiroids also trust in few components arranged their bodies from objects and blocks that they consumed.
— plagiarist bases: can be start either in elbow-room or occupying planetary outside. They have beneficence occult arranged their containers that players can ransack if they get over the drone attacks. There is one plagiarist headquarters on every planet, which is well protected and filled with traps and ransack.
— adversary drones: they bring about automatically from plagiarist bases and strike at the players trespassing into plagiarist vicinity
New blocks and components
— new : Atmospheric thrusters — powered by vibrations, working only on planets with sky
— accepted (ion) thrusters are more acceptable for locale without illegitimate significance (elbow-room). They are soft-headed near moons and really soft-headed on a planet
— new : trifling haul air-inlet that is critical for piloting ships without the helmet — it is prominent to be set to depressurized (glum hint)
Youth changes
— significance generators are not working in illegitimate significance. The generated significance becomes weaker and weaker with more illegitimate significance and from 0,4g of illegitimate significance the generators are not producing any assumed significance fields at all
— escalate accept drives are not working in illegitimate significance
— carload ships cannot be switched ON for worlds containing planets for now (this is only stand-by shift)
— jetpack«s power is based on the locale and the G intensity (1G = 7 seconds of nutrition). They can»t be used the same way as they are in elbow-room
— capacity to setup max precipitateness for wheels
— capacity to motivate ken + acme needle in all cockpits
— solar + battery is the way to power your grids from the start on planets. Reactors become empathy only in the later stages of the adventurous enough when you get to elbow-room and win resonant uranium deposits, because uranium is a rare win on the planets
— infinitesimal courtyard of start to work nerf for surrender drills
Planets are made fully moddable, we are preparing the modding conduct for you and will put out it in the near coming.
More planetary survival elements will be released in the coming updates, so impede tuned and have fun with planets! 

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