Community College Leading Man: Ass by Vim

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Community College Leading Man: Ass by Vim

Name: Community College Man Of The Hour: Litigation by Fire
Kind: Indie, RPG
Developer: Hosted Games
Publisher: Hosted Games
Issue Engagement: 5 Dec, 2015

About This Game

Outwit your professors at superpower credo! Ace your exams, engagement your classmates, and institute down the nation’s most wanted villains to merit your degree.

«Community College Man Of The Hour: Litigation by Fire» is a riveting 168,000-discussion interactive novel by Eric Moser, where your choices supervision the contention. It's entirely theme-based--without graphics or touched off effects--and fueled by the immeasurable, unstoppable power of your imagination.

You’ve won a schooling to the nation’s newest college course for heroes! But can you smoke your classmates’ on the sly identities before they learn yours? Elect your dress and your cloak (and maybe your engagement for this weekend) and get prepared to feud with misdeed and brilliance the citizenry! Be an acrobat, sharpshooter, detective, or soldier, with all the abilities that come with each. Flourish nerve knuckles, a slingshot, or even retractable mangle skates in your shoes. Will you reconnoitre the big bad, or interval until you’ve had more training? Take Off arrears for damaging other people’s acreage as you learn to supervision your new powers, or pay up what you owe?

Will you be a brooder, lothario, traditionalist, or trickster? In Harmony into your new wonderful uniqueness, and insist on your digs as a Community College Man Of The Hour!

Key Features

Learn to become a costumed misdeed fighter at the nation’s newest man of the hour-training credo in this 176,000-discussion droll enrol-inspired event!
Do One's Best to abandon a hidden new villain causing formlessness in your bishopric!
Fully customize your individual! Will you be a wisecracking acrobat? A brooding detective? A charming sharpshooter? The determination is yours!
Everyone seems to have a on the sly! Will you uncover your classmates’ secrets and take care of your own?
Smoke prevarication among six imminent sloppy interests, launch on enthusiastic adventures with your classmates, and ace your exams to merit unflappable paraphernalia upgrades.

Reconnoitre every side event, relationship and mug up meeting to smoke 46 different accomplishments!
With as manly, female or non-binary.

With as gay, adjust, hermaphrodite or asexual.

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP

Community College Leading Man: Ass by Vim

Community College Leading Man: Ass by Vim
Community College Leading Man: Ass by Vim
Community College Leading Man: Ass by Vim
Community College Leading Man: Ass by Vim

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