Tormentum - Mournful Trouble v1.1.0 blazing + facts [apkpita]

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Tormentum — Mournful Trouble v1.1.0 blazing + facts [apkpita]
Tormentum — Hellish Sorrow v1.1.0

TORMENTUM is a hellish masquerade Something and Click danger tourney with loads of puzzles and mini games. Get fit out for an danger differing from any other!
A unspecifiable leading man finds himself in a murder story-line city between masquerade and nightmare. He doesn't about his name nor where he comes from. Wandering through inexplicable lands, he struggles to locate the truly about the the human race around him, as well as about himself. Can you steal from this hellish the human race with loads of sinful puzzles?

The illusionary, ghastly aerosphere of the tourney was inspired by the works of painters H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński. The game«s indisputable look and be was also strongly influenced by the universes of hellish masquerade games such as Demon»s Souls or Hellish . This one of a well-disposed miscellany gave subsistence to a bare and depressing the human race.

If you like bloody non-stationary adventures that sit somewhere between a unseen raise objections to tourney, a area steal, and a puzzler, then you're going to take to it. – Keep Gamer

Key features:
▪ No in-app purchases! No advertisements!
▪ THE TOURNEY THE HUMAN RACE: 3 realms, differing in architecture and creatures inhabiting them. You'll dispose of characters with one of a well-disposed personalities who will help you — or try to mitigate you from — reaching your goal.
▪ ART: 75 worker-painted rooms in a one of a well-disposed hellish masquerade setting.
▪ PUZZLES: During your make a pilgrimage you will come against 24 heterogeneous well-thought-out puzzles and minigames.
▪ SCOOP: A hellish masquerade danger between flight of fancy and reality.
▪ MUSIC: Aberrant soundtrack with over 40 tracks.

All in all, this is one of the best Something & Click danger games I«ve ever played. For fans of the contrast or distress games in widespread, this tourney won»t balk. – Tourney Walkers (9/10)

Every distinct quantity of art is staggering and the gameplay complements it well. It has a excellent eventually for what it is and the the human race stays with you well after you’re finished. Tormentum is one of the most strikingly visual something and click danger games and the unimaginative side at OhNoo Studio should be proud of what they’ve made. – Pixel Interconnected (9/10)

If you want a momentous something-and-click tourney with momentous artwork, an friendly scoop, this won’t take you extensive to get your intellect around, I would definitely say to apply oneself to Tormentum – Hellish Agonize a go – Voletic (7/10)

This is entirely a marvellous something & click tourney, with visuals that spawn a hellish, faint the human race that oppresses you with pessimistic feeling. This is well-disposed of a gradate of something & click danger and those unseen raise objections to search games, so the shield is always prejudicial with strong group specifically. – Bluray Authority

After All Is Said, Tormentum comes adjacent to forming a momentous something-and-click danger in 2015, but the need of contrast in the muse over originate really drags down the whole affair. – GamingTrend (75/100)

The two sides have completely met in the mid! About ten years uphold, as danger gaming continued to trundle along before its current resurgence, unseen raise objections to games became a hugely well-liked put up of “casual game”. – Sway Files Shotgun

Tormentum – Hellish Agonize is a glum and fascinating take on the something-and-click danger tourney. – Tourney Rant

▪ Ethical choices which will use the game's ending.
▪ Uncover the secrets of Tormentum — Hellish Agonize. Supplant the clues and clear challenging puzzles and mini-games.
▪ 4-6 hours gameplay.
▪ Clear the puzzles and riddles, locate the new rooms, use your skills and do whatever it takes to steal from this hellish the human race.
▪ Dozens of puzzles, clues, and items. Deepen tools and items to aid in your steal from hellish castle.
• Retro Tourney, revisit to the enduring something and click game
▪ Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Eat, Russian. Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazil, Hungarian, Czech, Turkish
▪ This tourney works in OFFLINE rage without internet

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What’s new:
— bugs fixed
— spiritedness improvements

Requirements: Android OS 4.0 and up
Put APK. City matter folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and play.

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