Codex - The Warrior v1.25 mod [apkpita]

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Codex — The Warrior v1.25 mod [apkpita]
Codex — The Warrior v1.25

Codex The Warrior is the essential Action/Role-playing target dissemble. Tussle frightful enemies 1v1 as you go through levels of a treacherous donjon. Unearth weapons of voluminous power to strong right arm you on your expedition. Fashion your weapons and armor to publish them even more important. Learn fictitious skills to upgrade and use in struggle. Codex delivers lovely visuals and sharp struggle to engage you in a perspicacious invention leading.

In olden times the leading Guardians of Codex, the provenience of essential power, were betrayed by Tiraz, a swain Keeper. Tiraz sought to take the power of Codex for himself, but the others managed to send it to the benign confines in hopes of hiding it. Tiraz followed Codex into our leading and in his sensuality for power, brought about unimaginable breaking up. You are the last of the Bargandians, a warrior track horse-races that was all but destroyed by Tiraz. It is up to you to realize Codex to plug up Tiraz from destroying our leading, and to get requital for the breaking up of your household and home.

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— Fictitious soothe-attribute graphics.
— Comforting 1v1 donjon struggle that will turn one's back on you breathless.
— One And Only monsters and consistent bosses with eye-popping particularly animations.
— Perspicacious struggle with upgradable skills to help you overwhelm Tiraz.
— Hundreds of weapons and armor that can be upgraded and crafted to escalating your power against the everlasting evil spirit hordes.
— Sharp and intuitive controls to insure you authenticate off your chock-a-block skills.
— Regularly updated with new delight, new weapons, and new demonic enemies to contradict!

We wish you a pleased Lunar New Year! To authenticate our return to our fans, we have willing numerous gifts for all who will be enjoying Codex: The Warrior during the Lunar New Year respite flavour!

February 6th(Sat): 50 Runes
February 7th(Sun): 10,000 Golds
February 8th(Mon): Quintessence set
February 9th(Tue): 300 Kuung point
February 10th(Wed): Dragon Go Up, Eye, Ruby x3

What’s new:
. Increased the consistent limit of the Multitudinous Tower
. Players can now initialize the Multitudinous Soar themselves
. Added a «Contact Support» button in the options (Added for iOS now)

1. Walloping Damage.
2. God Mode.
3. Urgent High Dudgeon Bar fill
4. Mobs Disarmed.
5. Household Tree Detection Bypassed,
6. Diddle Tools Detection Bypassed.
7. Signature Verfication Bypassed.
8. Diddle Detection Bypassed.
9. Anti — Ban.

Requirements: Android OS 2.3.3 and up

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