Carriable GOTSent - MKV/h264 to 360 Converter

  • 15.06.2016, 20:47,
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Are you sick to one's stomach and overworked of trying to participate out how to transmogrify .mkv files with h264 video into a compatible with your XBOX 360, or getting a 3rd reception streaming video assiduity to work? If you want to observe 720p or 1080p HD h264 videos in an MKV container on your 360 then this is probably for you.

I have created a ThinApp containerize that includes all the software needed for GOTSent to transmogrify it painlessly — AC3Filter, Haali Media Splitter (for mkv column), and NERO AAC encoders.

This containerize has only one use: To transmogrify an mkv container with h264 video and ac3/mp3 audio, into an mp4 container with h264 video and aac audio which is compatible with the XBOX 360.

There is no true video re-encoding, only audio re-encoding, because the h264 video codec only needs to be transferred to an mp4 container. Conversion is hellishly sybaritic. I have a Core2Duo 3.0 GHz E8400 with 4 GBs of RAM, and conversion of a 558 MB video takes 1:23 on my contrivance (that's 1 two secs and 23 seconds).

The use of the assiduity is about as quiet as it gets. Select the to transmogrify, select the production directory, and click Transmogrify. None of the other options are necessary. During the method, if you see the assiduity crown bar register (Not Responding), snub it, nothing is dishonourable, let it finish.

I built this in a Windows XP SP2 effective contrivance and tested it on Windows 7 x64. Sorry if it doesn't employment for you.

The is in 7z shape so you will need 7-zip to derive it.

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