PSP Releases + Tools Disk Set v2.0 [INCLUDES 22 EMOTIONAL GAMES] k-o

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K-O-R-N-K-I-D in no way supports piracy.

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////////////////////////<<< NEWS >>>\\\

30/08/2005 - Diskv0.7 Released.
-Rushed emancipate, shabby delineate + readmes,

-More games and apps needed, and better

15/09/2005 - Diskv1.0 expected emancipate.
After the prominent emancipate of v0.7 (admitidly
on some sites more than others) v1.0 is compiled.

Although this in itself could have been an
disk, I in a flash had a billow of new
titles so 1.0 was only online for afew days...

18/09/2005 - Disk(-set) v2.0 Released.
-Slews new games, 22 absolutely (spread across
2 disks this antiquated), all tested and organised
for insouciance of use and deft transfer.
(I'm still crawling for more games though, be put on ice
for v2.5 disk(s)!)

-New & improved Apps + Tools portion.

-New artwork!

-N00b-unreserved proposals
(more peeps = stronger sphere, cant be bothered
with this «fuck off n00b» opinion)

///////////////////////<<< BREIF >>>\\\

At the existent antiquated the PSP sphere is growing stronger
and stronger run-of-the-mill although, until the xecuter
celebration on mod is released, there is still the pressing
consequence of storage for games etc.

I've initiate that the best way to triumph over this is to create
a DVD to be around with your PSP, this might sturdy lame
but because of the PSPs unwavering bung and have a good antiquated USB interface
its deft and serenely to swap games aslong as you can access
a PC with a DVD make and a skimpy USB point.

I have created this DVD form because i reminiscences it would be
useful for others.

I apoligise to the pertinent «owners» of these releases as
i am, in a way, re-releasing your industry but ive initiate this
quite useful and i reminiscences i'd emancipate the form i use for
other PSP owners.

Disk v2.5 is on the way with more games and more apps!!

/////////////////////<<< CONTENTS >>>\\\
-as requested by the piratebay psp'ers out there ;)


Ape Escape
Burnout Legends
Coded Arms
Darkstalkers Chronicles
Smothered to Rights
House Warriors
Everybodys Golf
F1 Great Prix
Metal Tackle Ac!d
NBA 2k5
Over Bobble
Top Edge Racer
Au Fait Bomb
Tony Hawks Radical: Remix
Twisted Metal: Main On
Unrevealed Legends
Virtua Tennis
Wayne Gretzky NHL
Wipeout Pure


Fastloader v0.7
KXploit v1.5
Swaploit v1.5
PSP Kxploit Emulator Assembly 4.0
PSP Video 9
UMD ISO Shrinker v1.0


Sony PSP Recognized English Guide
(PDF set-up)

(The above portion will be expanded with tutorials for 2.5)

///////////////////<<< INSTRUCTIONS >>>\\

Totally desire the «PSP Releases + Tools v2.0 Disk 1.iso» and
«PSP Releases + Tools v2.0 Disk 2.iso» images to DVDs with
Nero, Alcohol120% etc etc.

///////////////////////<<< FINAL >>>\\\

Cool, compiled, iso'd and bursting by k-o-r-n-k-i-d
Readmes and JPEG designs by k-o-r-n-k-i-d
K-O-R-N-K-I-D in no way supports piracy xD

HAVE! and keep supporting the PSP sphere!
Thanks very much to the nimble-fingered people out there working on
the PSP and Xbox your doing an surprising job keep it up! =D

\\ v2.5 COMING SOON! /////////////////////


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