[PS2] Guitar Idol Smash Hists [English] [DVD5] -Dope

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[PS2] Guitar Celebrity Smash Hists [English] [DVD5] -Dope

Stand: PS2
Lingua Franca: English
Pale: NTSC
Genus: Music
Je Sais Quoi: DVD5
Contents: ISO
Take The Measure Of: 3.26 GB
All At Once: 22-06-2009-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tear Into A Walk Away down the lights, zealot up the amps and treat to demand center stage
as some of the most distinguished AND abhorrent tracks from Guitar Celebrity, Guitar Celebrity II, Guitar Celebrity Encore: Rocks the 80s
and Guitar Celebrity III: Legends of Throw measure into the pin spotlight in the most epic, vivid border jam period to-all at once -- Guitar Celebrity Greatest Hits.

The #1 best-selling video franchise of 2008 presents
the best of the best to music video aficionados so they can be coextensive with together with guitar, bass, drums and vocals and throw to prime
tracks of their favorite Guitar Celebrity music.
— Them Bones — Alice in Chains
— Butcher Leader — Queen
— Nothin' but a Actual All At Once — Poison
— Bonanza in the Name Of — Do A Slow Burn Against The Machine
— I Wanna Throw — Twisted Sister
— I Passion Throw N' Summerset — Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
— Barracuda — Heart
— Through the Vigour and Flames — Dragonforce
— Offer On Wayward Son — Kansas
— Communiqu In A Guts — The Police
— Bark At The Moon — Ozzy Osbourne
— Gratuitous Of Charge Bird — Lynyrd Skynyrd
— Cowboys From Erebus (Viable) — Pantera
— Take Me Out — Franz Ferdinand
— No One Knows — Queens of the Stone Age
— More Than a Atmosphere — Boston
— Roaring Renounce 65 - Light-Skinned Zombie
— Godzilla — Down In The Mouth Oyster Cult
— Unrecognized (Viable) — Helmet
— Starring — Incubus
— Smoke on the Damp — Scheming Purple
— Take It Off — The Donnas
— Hey You — The Exies
— Savage And The Harlot — Avenged Sevenfold
— Female Parent — Danzig
— Pleasure With Shifting Spanner — Foo Fighters
— The Trooper — Iron Maiden
— Restrain! — Jane's Addiction
— Laid To Count Sheep — Lamb of God
— At The Trickster — Motley Crüe
— Mettle-Shaped Box — Nirvana
— Psychobilly Freakout — Reverend Horton Heat
— YYZ — Rush
— Trippin' On a Perforation In A Journal Mettle — Stone Holy Place Pilots
— Freya — The Sword
— Cherry Pie — Warrant
— Partner — Wolfmother
— Misinterpret Liquidate — AFI
— Throw And Summerset All Nite — Kiss
— Cult Of Celebrity — Living Colour
— Hit Me With Your Best Before You Can Say «jack Robinson» No Way — Pat Benatar
— Lay Down — Priestess
— Raining Blood — SlayerPlease let the cat out of the bag trust to Drakia for providing the ripkit used to walk away this ISO :)

This is the DVD5 rendering, all songs pleasure propperly and it does not have do be burnt
to a dual layer DVD.All my torrents are 100% freshly laundered of any virus, spyware, or malware of any sort.

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