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Developer(s)- Japan Studio
Publisher(s)- Sony Computer Entertainment
Interior Decorator(s)- Tsutomu Kouno (trick), Keigo Tsuchiya (art)
Plank(s)- PlayStation Pocket-Sized (PSP)
Creator- UMD

LocoRoco is a plank video trick released worldwide in 2006 for the PlayStation Pocket-Sized (PSP) handheld trick comfort, and developed and published by Sony Computer Amusement. The trick was developed by Tsutomu Kouno, striving to forge a trick that was different than other titles being released for the PSP at the ease. After demonstrating a mould of the heart gameplay to his executives, Kouno was able to superb phenomenon over a course of one and a half years. In LocoRoco, the athlete must angle the surroundings by using the fraternize with buttons on the PSP in broken to maneuver the LocoRoco, multi-colored jelly-like characters, through each uniform, being aided by other odd residents while avoiding hazards and the ghastly Moja Troop, to reach an end goal.
GAMEPLAY [/size]

The athlete starts with a singular LocoRoco. When this LocoRoco eats a berry, it grows by one, up to a apex hugeness of twenty. The singular elephantine LocoRoco may be split into own beings by tapping a features button or through associated with points on the uniform, while own LocoRoco can consolidate deny hard pressed into a singular being by holding down a features button. Manipulation of the LocoRoco in this formalities may be necessary to example them to the finish; while the singular elephantine LocoRoco is easier to pilot, diminutive passages can only be navigated by own LocoRoco.[3] The athlete can squander LocoRoco if they are touched by deleterious objects or they run into the Moja, and the athlete will have to restart the uniform if they squander all their LocoRoco. With the blockage of making them hike, the athlete does not otherwise entirely pilot the LocoRoco, but instead controls the planet itself, tilting the planet using the fraternize with buttons. This causes the LocoRoco to elapse in the administration of angle, as well as causing certain unfeeling objects such as platforms to also angle.[4] The athlete can also cause the LocoRoco to hike by holding and releasing both fraternize with buttons; this not only allows the LocoRoco a way to peevish gaps, but to break asunder through walls as well as injure the Moja without alluring hurt.[4] As the athlete collects more Loco Roco in a uniform, the music gains more voices, each Loco Roco singing a parcel in the overall song.

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