CarDust v1.2

  • 16.06.2016, 09:23,
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Depart 'em in the dust!
From friendless wastelands to forlorn prop-industrial suburbia, weary-ardent dust eaters come together to chance moving spirit and limb in the CarDust invite. Crow, riches and usual oil changes await you on these barren tracks!

Struggle with these hostile-boiled veterans in multiple locations to win the CarDust Match. Examination your mettle in six battered, unusual, age-old vehicles trying to traverse the annihilate in accordance in face of all others.

Recruit unconventional, decidedly empirical (and probably proscribed) technologies to pick up an uptight on your opponents! Family against the ghosts of the prior — either yours or those of other racers (through Scoreloop).

This case includes, among others:

— five funny vehicles remotely resembling cars (plus an unlockable sixth agency!)
— five lavishly featured 3D tracks — friendless recompense, forlorn plant, outback community, ruined dockyard and mountain crest (plus an unlockable sixth trace!)
— never-seen-before sometimes kink and situation switching powerups
— two unpredictable family modes: QuickRace with up to 5 AI opponents, and TimeTrial enabling you to family your own ΓÇ£ghostΓÇ¥ — or struggle against world's best driver
— Big Match sop: family on four different tracks and scratch the most points to unlock ancillary content
— 3 different cameras, 4 different steering modes, feasibility to family both in LIKENESS and COUNTRYSIDE modes
— over 30 achievements waiting to be unlocked (including a very earth-shaking stealthily realization!)
— exhaustive Scoreloop integration with leaderboards and TimeTrial ΓÇ£ghost competitionΓÇ¥ with the best entertainer currently out there!
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What's New:

CarDust 1.2 update includes:
* now invalid OpenFeint replaced by Scoreloop: ghost racing, leaderboards and achievements enabled again!
* 3 different cameras: bird eye, chopper run after and isometric
* 4 different steering modes: model, halves, and two accelerometer-based
* now both LIKENESS and COUNTRYSIDE modes to decide from
* some lesser fixes.

Have fun!

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