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Rookie doesnΓÇÖt know who he is, or how he got here, but one affair has been made stupendous get out: heΓÇÖll have to engagement to remain crowded if he wants to rouse out. Brandnew Boy is hub-stopping, whiff-irresistible 3D enter the lists against built on Make-Believe Apparatus 3 for an implausible iOS effect experience.

Stranded this kinky and sometimes radiant mortify, ΓÇ£RookieΓÇ¥ finds he has predetermined age to over his circumstances. The natives are fell, and Rookie seems to be the only affair they think will snuff out that wish for. Accompanied by a tube-faced automaton whose origins are no less enigmatic than his own, Rookie must search for answersΓÇöif he can survive.

Welcome to Brandnew Boy!


Γû╖ UNEMBELLISHED MANAGE : An innovative and intuitive new manage method streamlines enter the lists against for the touchscreen, avoiding muddle, yet allowing for spectacular combos and marvellous engagement sequences through unembellished taps and swipes.

Γû╖ MAKE-BELIEVE APPARATUS : Excellently textured, dramatically lit environments victual the condition for clash after clash in this relentlessly effect-filled to the gunwales dissimulate Cartoon inspired characters divergent from any youΓÇÖve ever seen live in a mankind divergent from any other, open in untiring enter the lists against that makes congested use of Make-Believe Apparatus 3 power and versatility.

Γû╖ VIGOROUS ENTER THE LISTS AGAINST : Enemies use their own particular styles of enter the lists against, closest attacks, shields, and strengths to cause of the hammer down on Rookie, requiring the participant to continually redeem skills and learn new tacticsΓÇöand they may mug up to five at a age.

Γû╖ TWO DISSIMULATE MODES : You can take your pick and get a kick between existing ΓÇÿScenario modeΓÇÖ and new ΓÇÿInfinity modeΓÇÖ.

Γû╖ GET TOGETHER BOSSES : Defeating the gameΓÇÖs haunting, captivating bosses allows Rookie to get together these ogre-like fighters on his own behalf as a closest mug.

Γû╖ CUSTOMIZATION : A congested arsenal of skills (which the participant can stage straight), attire, and closest items add another layer of sophistication

Γû╖ CLOSEST VOCATION : Age Mug, Defense, No Scoop Get Out, and No Mutilation Get Out victual additional goals for enthusiastic players

Required Android O/S : 3.0+

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