Anno 1503 Gold Number [karkelo]

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Christen: Anno 1503 Gold Edition
Class: plan / burgh-erection / isometric
Released: 28th October 2004
Developer: Max Design
Publisher: Sunflowers Interactive Spectacle Software
About this spate::
This compilation contains the mere strategy Anno 1503: The New Area and its add-on Anno 1503: Treasures, Monsters & Pirates.

Lay be entitled to to the New Area in an epic tale of jeopardize and unearthing! Anno 1503 is a PC christen that blends the action of genuine-constantly plan with the wisdom of empire erection. The aim of the strategy is to confirm colonies and ask for out store and power. Pore Over your colonies prosper while establishing line of work and discerning ties with next to cultures. Employ in engagement on touch and at sea to safeguard your colonies or to insist on naturalness and naturalness. The all-new engagement way allows for much more cosmopolitan adroit preparation and some truly epic touch and sea-based battles. The Time Of One's Life the range and question of five varying ambience zones while competing against computer-controlled players, including interactions with nine different cultures such as the Africans, Aztecs and National Americans. Time your induce through a energetic profitable way which varies depending on setting and includes goods such as weaponry, raw materials, and necessities such as clothes and nutriment as well as more weird items like silk and spices. Trades can be made several different ways, via an well approachable trading menu that allows you to interact with other nations and elevate serenity treaties. However, some cultures may rely on a more drive, forward comfort of interaction, which can get going to latent conflict.

How to looseness:
1) Download the game;
2) Mount or wish disc image;
3) Run setup.exe to instal (it will start automatically if you have autorun enabled);
4) Looseness the strategy without the disc.

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