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Heckabomb is a matching-place shooter with assorted levels based in a twisting arena and a of upgradeable stats including bullet spread, value of animation, turbo boosters and bewitching collectors.

There are six assorted add-on weapons too, including a train-lightning gun, bullet-reflecting satellites and a express-animation swirly sentiment! (a permissible essential of any arcade shooter) Loads of different of enemies, including brobdingnagian boss warships, brickbat batteries, tractor beams and a vicious competitor ace wheelman will brave your arcade reflexes and endurance.

 • Matching-place (controller or mouse+keys)
 • Visually fervent, jumbo explosions, brobdingnagian debris clouds, trails everywhere
 • Spectacular arcade soundtrack
 • Drive way, Survival Way, Hardcore Way, AI Duel Challenge
 • Online hiscores

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Your planet is dead

The Heckabomber is a doomsday weapon, the only sentiment that survived the extinction of your house planet by the detach from armada. Rich with ravishing planet-destroying bombs, you'll withstand across the Macrocosm. Hunt For out competitor worlds to erase, shame their defenders, shiver their planet and garner the remains for construction materials to upgrade your ferry and remain your rampage.


Asteroids get by throughout the Macrocosm and are often the leftovers of planet materialization. With Heckabombs detonating across the galaxy, asteroids are often the leftovers of planet extinction too! Mining them for resources allows you to figure new weapons, upgrade gear and resupply smartbombs.

Every second au courant with you'll family to garner asteroids before the at the maximum whitecap reaches you from the planet you just blew up!


After charging up on ferry upgrades, you'll take on combative competitor ships, explosion through their defensive lines and try to get shut up enough to their planet to desert a put, ravishing Heckabomb onto it.

Enemies come in various shapes and sizes from micro licentious-operating divebombers to jumbo lumbering tractor-stud transports that'll try to pin you down for other enemies to at the maximum.


Every 10th au courant with, you«ll countenance increasingly brobdingnagian competitor Warships. Each one carries a one and only perk upgrade that you can only get if you decide to for the Warship rather than suggestion forgiven of it»s vicious weapons and fighter inauguration bay.


In Hardcore way you get no continues and competitor loosely precision, value of animation and bullet scurry all broaden to all intents. One sentience only, auxiliary challenging fights, vie for a recognize on the elite hiscore table.


Unforeseeable way unlocks when you round off just one au courant with of the predominant drive. It offers a lot less brave and a lot more save crop, making for a relaxing at the maximum-em-up take up through the job as far as the first Warship meet. Study your moves in correspondent protection, or just alert the fair explosions.


Unlocking the perk Survival Way gives you a brobdingnagian upgrade budget to customize your ferry just once then hurls you into an extensive meet against increasingly hellish odds and a extensive armada of competitor Warships.


Countenance the elite competitor ace wheelman in the drive and you'll unlock the perk Duel Way where you can brave the ace alone (with his 5 elite henchmen... hey, he is a bad guy!)

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1.Copy «com.allicorn.heckabomb» folder to «sdcard/Android/obb»
2.Install APK
3.Inauguration the job

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