TruckSimulation 16 v1.0.1.6958

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TruckSimulation 16 v1.0.1.6958

Let it snow! Thanks to the latest update, TruckSimulation 16 presents itself in a out look. Like the undefiled winter wonderland for a sawn-off in the good old days b simultaneously only!
In TruckSimulation 16 you will take proper-to-duration guidance of one of seven right trucks.

Start out with a unsecure deliver from old clunker and draw your first coins in a multiplicity of furnish contracts across a colossal method network in Western and Chief Europe. Use the small change you draw to obtaining better trucks, such as five faithfully reproduced MAN tractor units!

Diversified purpose types, from touchstone orders to the transportation of precarious goods, furnish piles of multiplicity. Pick the right trailer for one of eight different categories of goods – bring in cumbersome goods using the wood semitrailer or groceries with the frozen canada luggage compartment-semitrailer.

The method network covers endless parts of Chief and Western Europe and, with more than 20 cities performed with genuine landmarks, it provides uncontrolled driving delight along cognizant of highways.

If you start your journeys carefully and punctually, you will make bonuses that you can establish into your body – in the bosses menu you can apply new workers, who will be able to start journeys and bring in in small change for new vehicles and trailers.

Have you amassed a nugatory fortune? Then medicate yourself to the faithfully-reproduced racing connection by Body Hahn, the several-in the good old days b simultaneously European champions, and tear along Europe's highways in a right racing connection.

Will you become the biggest instrumentalist in European logistics?


— 7 genuine trucks
— Faithfully reproduced tractor units licensed by MAN
— Right racing connection by Body Hahn
— 8 different trailers for 8 different categories of goods
— Elephantine method network realistically modeled on endless parts of Chief and Western Europe
— More than 20 cities and their landmarks
— Even more realism, thanks to the cockpit scrutinize and faithfully modeled MAN fittings
— Exhaustive bosses scheme: charter drivers and body garages in different cities to amplify your empire

The app supports the following languages: US-EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, TR, PL, BRZ PT, RU, JP

What's new:

New glad:

* Japanese and Russian wording beam enabled
* Winter vegetation added
* Winter topography consistency added


* Set several localization issues
* Updated several UI elements
* Boo-Boo with the «Bank» button during tutorial fixed
* Cooling truck/trailer sticking bug fixed
* Internal initialization bug fixed
* Job lightpillar purpose consistency & scaling fixed
* Overall popup sizes changed to fit new supported languages

More info:


1.Copy «com.astragon.trucksim» folder to «sdcard/Android/obb»
2.Install APK
3.Launch the

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