Fringes 2: New Mould [RUS][1C] 2010 TRiViUM

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Border 2: New Blue Planet [RUS][1C] 2010 TRiViUM

T e a M T R i V i U M P r e s e n t S

Border 2: New Blue Planet (c) 1C
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SALVATION PERIOD .................. : 08/2010
SALVATION scope .................... : 1 rar
keeping ........ : StarForce 5.60 + OA


«Perimeter 2: New Earth» is the large-awaited issue of the
critically acclaimed RTS «Perimeter». Ideas of territorial
gameplay and countryside modification, introduced in the
pattern fake, are now realized on a new concept &
technology frank. VistaGame Mechanism enhances the dynamics
and abysm of gameplay, turning battlefield into an arena
for confrontation of two elements — reason and facetious adam's ale.

Representation of «Perimeter 2» continues the events from the
pattern fake. The Exodus, steer by the well-read Spirits has
been searching for the New Blue Planet. The Harkback has obsolete
confidence in Spirits, to notice d throw off their direct and undisputed to headmaster
second for the Old Blue Planet, not believing its expiry. They
refused to believe in expiry of their planet. Both sides
took the concluding kinky gradually on their way, but the trammel has
enclosed and unrelenting enemies entered the same planet phizog
to phizog.

«Perimeter 2» is a launch for the fans of RTS species. The
mutineer concept of terraforming among with new
elements and up to date ideas is sure to victual single gaming
go through.


— The concept of territorial warfare, based on the wrangle
of facetious adam's ale and reason and bringing gameplay to new
— Transforming units, assuring fleet and functional reply
to the events on the battlefield and adept inconsistency
— Newly introduced Reaction Behaviour-elements: players can write the
encounter using the Divine Intervention — a Adept Manipulator of
Order Reaction Behaviour — and its wonderful attacks, such as stupendous
explosions, meteor showers, and more
— Newly introduced RPG-elements: players can dig the gaming
maps in search of psy crystals that are used to unlock
and upgrade Procidence's wonderful attacks. Apart from that
psy-crystals beat vital secrets about the previous of
New Blue Planet
— Exodus — the greatest undertaking in the representation of
mankind, has reached its ideal. But does it mean the end
of suffering? And if New Blue Planet is a springe, what quotation will
it tariff to escape? A new chapter of the sci-fi heroic legend will
rejoinder many old and new questions


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