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Title: TowerClimb
Genus: Performance, , Indie, RPG
Developer: Davioware and Quazi
Publisher: Davioware and Quazi
Circulate Steady Old-Fashioned: 22 Sep, 2015

Big Thanks to Mariano (Mindgames) for prompt us this game

About This Game

TowerClimb is a perplexing and profitable procedurally generated platformer with roguelike elements.

TowerClimb is set in a cabrication sphere where monstrous and hidden towers of archaic dark descent above warmth, extending to the heavens. Humans are driven by curio to climb them, usually at death's door in the manipulate. Labour into consideration as a craven defenceless, driven by an iron will to reach the top.

The diversion borrows elements from the roguelike genus. A different awaits each man; you will never stage play the same perfect destroy twice. Run, Climb, Upsurge, Swim, and Fly your way up the tower's atmospheric and deadly worlds, using items and resources you get back along your way. Short opinion and scenario will keep you spirited as you direct the fastness using unequalled platforming mechanics.

TowerClimb is challenging, and rewards reflexes, expertness, conception and complication solving aptitude. Quite often, The fastness throws your feature into perilous situations which command you to think very carefully about your actions. A unequalled, randomly generated destroy group ensures players must always come up with stimulating ways to accomplished a destroy. Hundreds of men will die before you posses enough expertness and conception to overcome the fastness. A hot of every man's demise is saved, along with how he died, to record lose each and every take on.

Key Features

TowerClimb at its insides is an platformer, with procedural levels and elements based on the rogue-like genus. It features county multiplayer bolstering with an election for split-screen/single-mask. (a apogee of 25 coinciding players is the limit. However, the diversion only supports 4 controllers (Xinput limitation). The extant players must use the keyboard. A program like Xpadder can remap additional directinput controllers to keyboard keys)

The diversion features a TON of text. The Fastness is towering and daunting to overcome, with fertility of areas and secrets throughout the diversion. Getting/seeing everything will take players a extended measure. There's gratuity modes to unlock and stage play on top of the duct diversion as well.

Each measure you stage play the diversion, everything changes. The levels are different, adventitious events can surface, rare items can be bring about, etc. The diversion will always keep you on your feet and prompt you exhilaration challenges and experiences.

The platforming mechanics in the diversion are set up to take oneself to be sympathize very hazardous and reactive in syndicate with the climbing mechanics. You always need to be on your feet and knowledgeable of your surroundings, while continually planning how to climb higher. As you get well higher, different worlds organize new mechanics that mean your stage play shape must evolve.

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP
Processor: 2.0 GHz
Retention: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 128 MB VRAM
DirectX: Manifestation 9.0c
Devastating Urgency: 400 MB available array



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