The The Supreme Being of the Rings: The Replace of the Prince [R.G. Mechanics]

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The The Supreme Being of the Rings: The Replace of the Prince [R.G. Mechanics]
Fixture of Manumit: 04 November 2003

Genre: Proceeding, 3D, 3rd Person

Developer: Electronic Arts Redwood Shores

Publishing Bordello: Electronic Arts

Developer Website:

Language: English/Russian

Platform: PC [Repack]


System Requirements:

✔ Operating System : Windows 95, 98 , XP, Vista, 7

✔ Processor : Intel Pentium 4

✔ RAM : 512 MB honour

✔ Video Card : 64 MB compatible with DirectX 9

✔ Sovereign While on the Broke Disk : 4.5 GB

✔ it's impressive : Before installing disable Anti-Virus and Firewall

About this inundation::

Over Heart darkness thickens . Finish of elves, dwarves and humans depend on whether the Commonwealth will be able to reverse the One Also Bush in the sparkle of Mount Ruin , and thus crushing of Sauron , the master of darkness ... Since the manumit of Rivendell Commonwealth continuously exposed to hazards. Nazgul , the spies of Saruman , the on on Caradhras , hordes of orcs, menacing Balrog , against which the skilled houdini Gandalf strike down ... Any of these tests would be enough to depart the very able will , but members of the Commonwealth have remained dependable to its object. After the extinction of Boromir The Commonwealth was divided. Aragorn , Legolas and Gimli were in Fangorn forest , where they were met Gandalf miraculously returned to the living sphere . From there they went to Rohan , where they took large in the mel against the army of the snake in the grass Saruman mage . Frodo and Sam as a two went to the east to Mordor — the only state in Heart-ground , where it is possible to reverse the Also Bush . Meanwhile in Mordor contract more and more new army of orcs, trolls and the people of Darkness. All this power is about to come crashing down on Gondor — the last bastion of sovereign people of Heart Ground . Gandalf , Aragorn , Legolas and Gimli are independently sent to the topping of Gondor Minas Tirith Gondor ... remain there ? Does Frodo fulfill its object ? It depends only on you!

Features Repack:

Do not cut / recoded
Sewn fissure printed matter from 7Wolf v 1.01
Sewn fissure printed matter from Character Link Up / ENPY Studio v 1.02

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