The Cat Lady

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Caption: The Cat Lady
Type: threaten / confound-solving / horror
Released: 1st December 2012
Developer: Harvester Games
Publisher: Harvester Games
About this cascade::
Susan Ashworth, known in her area as the unbalanced Cat Lady, is a friendless 40 years old on the turn of suicide. She has no m, no friends and no foresee for a better following. One day she discovers that five strangers will come along and switch everything. But those five, «The Parasites», are also the most relentless, missing a few marbles and bitter-cold-blooded assortment of psychopaths the town has ever known. They will desist from at nothing to injured Susan... unless she hurts them first.

Susan«s few weeks odyssey won»t take her across the have or promenade her into a leading man. She has little allegiance in others and hardly even cares about herself. She can«t affray and has never fired a gun in her lifetime. But she»s hanging onto that paltry string of foresee, that in the end, as promised, there«s an shifty it usefulness someone»s while waiting for her. Something usefulness trying for. Something that«ll help her discover an unlikely angel. Something that»ll bestow her lifetime a purpose.

Susan's odyssey takes her on a rollercoaster heckle between the have of the living and the have of the apathetic, where the only way to receptive to is to prevail over her biggest defect: her own self.

Perk gladden: vade-mecum, soundtrack, wallpaper.

How to with:
1) Run setup_the_cat_lady.exe and induct the game;
2) Catapult the competition using strongest executable or shortcuts (DRM set free).

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