Crusaders Search v2.0.7.KG apk + Mod

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Crusaders Search v2.0.7.KG apk + Mod
Crusaders Quest v2.0.7.KG Apk + Mod

Compact your way to winning in the new epic deportment RPG from TRIBUTE, Crusaders Crusade! Heap Up and button over 200 heroes, forge natural-interval contemplate matches, and thrash waves of monsters in an epic crusade to conserve the planet before it falls to the forces of deadly!

***Battle the Corrupted Soltar***
Take your heroes to the 8th storey of the Fortress of Souls to confront the Apostle and Adept of Souls, Master Soltar. Put a stop off to this warlord's corrosive bewitchment and take his unselfishness of Iron, Crystals, and Soulbound Weapons for your own!

***Answer the Call***
Only you and your ragtag batch of 16-bit crusaders can passing to conserve the Goddesses and unlock their specialized powers to reject a covert witch's darkness from the touch. Tour through the packed forest, across the blazing right, under the waves of the lots, through the sentiment of a volcano, and extend across the frozen tundra to get back the Goddesses.

***Matching Contemplate Battles***
Natural-interval and accelerated paced contemplate difference! Compact your heroes« finesse blocks to shortly decimate your foes. The more matches you forge, the more spectacular your attacks will be. Plug your power meter to promulgate atypical well-defined specialized moves like the Archer»s Flagrant Arrows or the Paladin's Turf-Shattering Smash!

***Fight to the Ending Breath***
After strengthening your heroes, take them into epic PVP battles to exam your incisiveness against the out of sight! With over 200 heroes to heap up, there's no limit to the combinations of crusaders you can take into affray! Get Back the alluring coalition and climb to the top ranks of our extensive PVP leaderboard.

***Quest for the Goddesses***
Get Back the center of the living abortion preposterousness in the out of sight. Pursue the trawl of primordial bewitchment as you set free more Goddesses from their epic resist with deadly. Crew up with the heroines as you compass out the rampaging beasts and wipe the unkempt corruption from the out of sight.

***Recruit Ideal Stronghold-Crawlers***
Suck Up To 6 unexcelled classes and rookie over 200 unexcelled heroes, each with their own strengths on the pixelated battlefield. Judge the Warrior for power, the Wizard for magical wring, the Huntswoman for faultlessness, the Archer for stunning facilitate, the Preacher for healing, or the Paladin for the untainted might!

What's new:
— Ep 6. Update
— 36 New Types of Sane Star Update
— New Adept Star Update
— New Soulbound Weapon Updated (Isabel, V, Magnus, Wilhelm, Necron, Dara)
— Fortress of Souls 9th Storey Update
— Optimization and Various Bugs Fixed
— Small-Interval Updates.

What's in the mod:
Everything Unlocked

The mod will not travail if it is installed on a google version.

Requires Android: 3.0+

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