Contrive Assault - Suppose Dragons v2500 + mod

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Contrive Assault — Suppose Dragons v2500 + mod
Stage Bustle — Gather Dragons v2500

Malfunction for a cause! Unite with the hit ruined body Gather Dragons and finance their alms, the Tyler Robinson Bottom. TRF was founded by the body in 2013 to help families wield unexpected fiscal costs of pediatric cancer. For the first month of the game's $1 goes to TRF for every download purchase*.

“It is the undiluted most urgent preoccupation that we do as a body and our favorite preoccupation that we do.” — Dan Reynolds, frontman of the Grammy Bestowal-engaging Gather Dragons

• RUN AS GATHER DRAGONS through Las Vegas & Paris to the throb of their hit songs “Demons,” “Radioactive,” “Shots,” “On Top of the World” and more!
• GET ONE ACCESS – Learn fun and compelling facts about the body, never before seen photographs, and the unintentionally to ask questions
• TEAR SOMEONE OFF A STRIP LIKE A RUINED LUMINARY – Buy outfits and accessories threadbare by the body members in their most trendy videos
• UNLOCK SECRETS AND BONUSES – Come letters to unlock the recondite perquisite mount for in-trade prizes!
• DESCRY A QUARREL -- For the 1st month, $1 from each download supports families fighting pediatric cancer through the Tyler Robinson Foundation*

Malfunction Games. Be a Superstar. Obviate the Fantastic.

*From February 4, 2016 through Parade 4, 2016, Mount Bustle:Gather Dragons will bestow $1 of every download acquisition to the Tyler Robinson Bottom, a non-profit coalition created by Gather Dragons and the blood of Tyler Robinson, and dedicated to strengthening families financially and emotionally as they withstand with the catastrophe of a pediatric cancer diagnosis. From Parade 5th, 2016, 25% of proceeds will go to TRF. For more on TRF, attack their website

Requires Android OS: 4.0+

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