Brutish Birth (Area (GOG)

  • 17.06.2016, 08:31,
  • Games
Connect instructions:
— Run «patch_grim_dawn_2.4.0.9.exe»
— Play
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Swop log:
Parcel (07th June 2016)
Please Note: Due to archive changes in preparation for tomorrow's subject-matter updates, this parcel is much larger than accustomed. Users with rigorous ISP download limits may want to periodical their habit before proceeding.

Larger New Features
New Subject-Matter: The Secret Procedure. Endanger down the evasive course taken by the followers of the Beldam Gods and originate the secrets known only to their most faithful servants. Your trip begins near Decrease Crossing, but requires some Dynamite.

The Secret Procedure includes a plenitude of new traditions, 5 new bosses, a new keep, 3 new Fiendishness Infrequents and 7 new Peerless items.

The digital parrot of the over the moon marvellous map is now included in the DLC folder for those with the several DLC jus divinum «divine law». On Steam, you can right-click the dissimulate in your Library, supreme Properties, Townswoman Files and Skim Through Townswoman Files. You may have to start the dissimulate once for the map to download.

Mod Tools
Note: due to changes to GameEngine.dbr, modders who edited this data should update it in their mod to account for the new pillage randomizer tables.

GameEngine.dbr edits in a mod will now nicely override the neglect gameengine.dbr values when the mod is flush under Way Game
Exporter (.dlo) files are now available in the consecration directory for 32-bit versions of 3ds Max 2009, 2011 and 2012
Flipped the contingency inferential for isDifficulty and LuaScript For and Palaver conditions so that they mark aggressive more intuitive sensation based on what the editors are displaying to the narcotic addict (ex. LuaScript Hindrance Up On() < 7 now checks if the function returns a value less than 7, previously it would check if 7 is less than the returned value, similarly isDifficulty >= Epic used to hindrance if Epic was >= to the ongoing hot water, now it checks if the ongoing hot water is Epic or greater)
Extreme thousand of masteries increased from 10 to 30.

Extreme range estimate in collector reduced from 256x256 to 128x128. Existing prominently terrains should be untouched by.

Stubborn a bug where skills would not shipment correctly in mods.

Manly PC has undergone foot surgery, resulting in marginally smaller boot sizes.

Stubborn radial important WeaponPool skills activating their own expense on non important attacks.

Stubborn ChargedFinale WeaponPool skills using up twice as much verve as intended.

Skilfulness Modifier tooltips now number their bottom skilfulness uncivil modifiers in their planned expense.

Stubborn dialog popups not scaling nicely with UI go up.

Stubborn a bug where feared monsters would get away incorrectly.

Improved the genius for multiple pets to enroll Bosses, Heroes and Nemesis Bosses.

Increased the diminish measure of Ectoplasm, Chipped Claws and Kilrian's Shattered Soul
Reduced boss and idol guerrillas to Subsistence Leech effects
Reduced Expense over Circumstance effects applied by monsters on Elite/Ultimate difficulty
Reduced Leech Guerrillas on Obsidian Defilers to 100%, so that it is susceptible to defy reduction
The Something for Nothing and Human and Iron quests have been redesigned
Removed, or added additional bring forth locations to, trouble Hold Dear Trove locations that were missed in
% Come To Expense multiplier now only affects expense stats and no longer modifies non-expense effects such as % Expense Converted to Strength, % Guerrillas Reduction, Armor Reduction, etc.

Reduced the bust aptitude of certain infect abilities used by heroes and bosses (ex. Gastris, the Shameful)
Rare element diminish rates now go up better with hot water, for a more productive sophistication when playing on Elite and Primary hot water.

Increased the diminish measure of Peerless items on Primary hot water from non-Nemesis sources
Improved the bottom attributes of all rare Fiendishness Infrequents
Significantly increased the affix-slate importance of Fiendishness Infrequents
Increased the diminish measure of Fiendishness Infrequents from all sources
Cronley«s Circle nemesis now has the same pillage edibles as the Kymon»s Chosen and Knighthood A Neat of Death's Vigil nemesis bosses, as he is relatively easier to go in search of down as well.

A steadiness out of date has been done on Coterie Augments. Loosely, the aim was to rise the application of some of the more lackluster expense-focused options and produce more reasonable options on Primary hot water. With a supreme few exceptions, this is an all around buff to Augments.

Added a Blacksmith to Fort Ikon with the same bonuses as the Homestead smith (including the Dynamite blueprint)
Etram Fald now crafts belts when creating casual Fictional Armor only, once upon a mores belts were also possible when crafting a casual Assistant. In Counting Up, the tooltips for the blueprints now mark aggressive plain that they will mark aggressive an Epic element if the nut is below train 50 (58 for accessories).

Rare Affixes — Added 2 new Rare Prefixes and 2 new Rare Suffixes for armor, focused on pet builds
Rare Prefix — Unready Far-Blooded: added See Defy at train 54+
Rare Prefix — Heartless: added Infect Defy at train 54+
Rare Prefix — Plaguebearer: reduced Defy Reduction
Rare Prefix — Deathdealer: renamed to Enchantress, to juxtapose the refinement combo name
Rare Prefix — Nightstalker: renamed to Spellbreaker, to juxtapose the refinement combo name
Rare — Deep: reduced Defy Reduction
Rare — Swift Reflexes: updated the decrease than intended Censure Sprint bonus
Rare — Shadows: added Vim Defy at train 49+
Spell — of the Wastes: reduced Defy Reduction
Epic — Legplates of Valor: reduced strength on the mores-honoured and Empowered versions
Fictional — Distress: reduced Infect Defy Reduction on the proc to — 20%
Fictional — Beronath, Reforged: increased % All expense, increased Uncivil Genius to 40
Fictional — Golemborn Greaves: Internal Trauma Retaliation from the skilfulness is now dealt over 5s, retaliation expense per second marginally reduced
Fictional — Justicar Set: this set has been redesigned. Set bonuses updated.

Fictional — Chestguard of Justness: added % Energy expense and 16% Bedlam defy, replaced bonuses to Veterancy and Troop Tactics with +2 to Rending Troops and +2 to Internal Trauma
Fictional — Faceguard of Justness: docile largesse now works with melee weapons, rather than just shields, reduced its brashly expense largesse but added % Material and % Energy expense. Replaced largesse to War Cry with +2 to Forcewave.

Fictional — Handguards of Justness: added Energy expense, % Censure Sprint and % Remove Sprint, removed % Expense Blocked and % Prevent A Rough Out Prospect. Replaced largesse to Blindside with +2 to Forcewave.

Fictional — Iskandra«s Uniformity Set: increased cooldown on Iskandra»s Defense to 16s
Fictional — Shoulderguard of Justness: added % Energy and % Material expense, replaced bonuses to Scars of Combat and Rest Period Esprit De Corps with +2 to Rending Troops and +2 to Blindside. Docile largesse now works with melee weapons, rather than just shields.

Fictional — Markovian's Fortress Set: replaced 50% Constitution largesse with 20-45 Material damage
Fictional — Markovian's Account: added brashly Material damage
Fictional — Stormheart: reduced % Censure Sprint to 4% and Uncivil Genius to 32
Fictional — The Deathmark Set: stubborn an emergence with Reaper's Trace not casting in a radius around the objective point
Fictional — The Forerunner Set: the skilfulness granted by the 3-chiding largesse now triggers at 50% strength and also grants 500% Bedlam expense while effectual, cooldown reduced to 40s, duration increased to 8s. Replaced largesse to Vulnerability with +3 to Doombolt.

Fictional — Forerunner of Recurrent Trial: increased expense on skilfulness, added +2 to Doombolt and 8% Cooldown Reduction
Fictional — Show of the Forerunner: the docile skilfulness now also grants 10% Cooldown Reduction
Fictional — The Ecclesiastical Steadiness Set: Shadowbolt proc now also has 20% Subsistence Sneak, increased % Weapon expense on The Ecclesiastical Steadiness proc to 45%
Fictional — Valdun's Treachery Set: increased See expense largesse, increased proc measure of the skilfulness to 20% and the % Weapon expense to 110%
Fictional — Valdun«s Largesse: increased Radius to 3 and % Weapon expense to 115% on the granted skilfulness, Valdun»s Treachery
Fictional — Valdun's Plunder: reduced cooldown to 2.5s and increased the % Weapon expense to 320% on the granted skilfulness, Perforator Round
Fictional — Wildblood Vanguard Set: increased % Vim and % Bleed expense from the skilfulness proc Wildblood to 400%, but increased the cooldown to 15s
Added unprofound cooldowns to various on Censure and on Crit effects on items that once upon a mores had none. Procs that negotiation expense over circumstance were loosely untouched by by this.

Feeble aright to % Weapon expense values on various Fictional element skills and procs
Lifestealer Oil: reduced % Expense Converted to Strength to 15%
Reduced % Weapon expense on Troll Crazy and Beronath's Virago to 122%. These skills for as a sizeable way to be relevant another Paradisaic Power for builds that do not take an auto-censure replacer, but the skilfulness points they release up made them a bit too favorable, particularly for builds that already knock off very well.

Component — Aethersteel Bolts: reduced Defy Reduction applied by Aether Tendril to 15, but increased its expense dealt.

Component — Blessed Grit One's Teeth: reduced Defy Reduction on Ecclesiastical Collide With to 18
Component — Trace of Dreeg: reduced Defy Reduction to 10
Component — Badge of Solael: reduced Defy Reduction on the granted skilfulness to 15%. Increased the objective radius, Bedlam expense and verve expenditure.

Component — Bitterness-Tipped Ammo: reduced Defy Reduction on the granted skilfulness to 12
Souvenir — Belgothian's Hurban: increased cooldown on proc to 4.5s
Souvenir — Corruption: reduced Primal Defy Reduction to — 15%
Souvenir — Stamping-Range: reduced Aether/Vitality Defy Reduction to — 15%
Souvenir — Iskandra's Steadiness: increased % Fire/Cold expense on the skilfulness proc, Primal Imbalance, to 400%. Added 24-32 Energy expense, 24-32 Unready Far expense and 30% Crit expense to the proc.

Souvenir — Malediction: reduced prospect of Defy Reduction to 15
Souvenir — Necrosis: reduced Defy Reduction to — 18%
Souvenir — Computation: reduced Material Defy Reduction to — 20%
Souvenir — Shock: reduced Come To Guerrillas Reduction to 10%
Refinement & Skills
Note: Due to changes to Paradisaic Powers, some of your assigned skills may have become reset and will need to be re-assigned.

Stubborn an emergence with Aether Tendril being sick for most Paradisaic Powers
Lifted many of the restrictions on what skills can be assigned to various Paradisaic Powers, gap up new skill/devotion combinations that were once upon a mores not possible.

Aeon's Hourglass: rearranged some bonuses across the nodes. Increased Duration Reduction of Burn/Coldburn/Electrocute expense to 25% and added Bleed, Leech, Infect, Trauma and Vim Go Off to the data. Increased Defensive Genius largesse to 75
Berserker: added 15 Bleed expense / 3s
Chariot of the Wooden: increased Uncivil Genius by 5 and % Uncivil Genius to 4%
Hydra: added 9 Primal expense and 8 See damage
Wolverine: increased % Defensive Genius largesse to 4%
Blizzard: increased % Weapon expense to 15% and Missile radius to 1.8
Falcon Dive: reduced % Weapon expense to 60% by row 20, increased cooldown to 2s
Hungering Space: reduced Strength Expenditure to 248 by row 15
Meteor Flood: increased Energy and Yearn damage
Separate: Reduced Bleed Damage
Rhowan's Scepter: added 15 Internal Trauma expense / 5s, increased Defensive Genius by 6
Spear of the Heavens: Added % Weapon expense, increased bust radius to 1.8
Circumstance Arrest: skilfulness has been redesigned and renamed to Circumstance Dilation. Now triggers a Buff at 50% strength that fleetingly grants you Verve Regen, Remove Sprint, Confound Retaliation and 100% Cooldown Reduction.

Savage Strength: increased brashly Material expense scaling with row. Increased duration to 4s.

Fighting Tone: increased % Material expense to 88% by row 12, 158% by max primary row.

Forcewave: marginally increased Material expense scaling with rank
Tremor: reduced % Weapon expense discipline to — 40% and % All expense discipline to — 16%
Blackwater Cocktail: improved scaling at primary ranks
Freak Energy: improved scaling at primary ranks
Bellow : increased cooldown to 12s and marginally reduced Prospect to Keep Off Projectiles scaling with rank
Brimstone: reduced Thousand of Fragments scaling at Primary ranks, marginally reduced Energy and Bedlam expense scaling with rank
Trouble Collide With: marginally decreased Lightning expense scaling with rank
Canister Batter: improved scaling at primary ranks
Improved Casing: increased % expense bonuses to 60% by row 10, 132% by max primary rank
Touched: marginally reduced Uncivil Genius scaling with rank
Flashbang: added a 1s cooldown
Grenado: improved scaling at primary ranks
Excessive Collide With: improved scaling at primary ranks
Skyfire Grenado: increased Lightning and Electrocute expense scaling with rank
Mortar Ploy: improved scaling at primary ranks
The Big One: improved scaling at primary ranks
Strike Dumb Jacks: marginally increased Lightning expense scaling with rank
Ulzuin's Chosen: increased % expense bonuses to 115% by row 10, 225% by max primary row. Now also converts 10% of Material expense to Energy for the stiff skills.

Bloody Pox: increased Bleed expense scaling with rank
Ember Rake: improved scaling at primary ranks
Hellfire: % Yearn expense now scales to the same values as the % Energy damage
Maleficent Touch: improved scaling at primary ranks
Call Sociable: marginally increased Lightning expense scaling with row, now launches additional projectiles at higher ranks
Lightning Collide With: marginally increased Lightning expense scaling with rank
Amarasta's Knife Bust: increased % Weapon expense to 142% by row 16, 165% by max primary rank
Knife Vitality: increased Bleed expense scaling with row and increased Radius to 3.3
Mechanics Gland of Grit One's Teeth: increased Radius to 4.5. Increased % Weapon expense scaling with row to 130% by row 16, 180% by max primary row.

Devastation: reduced Aether and Energy expense scaling with row. Reduced missile bust radius to 2.8
Inferno: increased duration of Yearn expense to 4s, which should unite nicely with Wrath of Agrivix
Wrath of Agrivix: increased % Come To expense multiplier to 150%
Range Denounce: increased Internal Trauma expense scaling with rank
Might of the Bear Out: % Come To expense multiplier increased to 15%
Mogdrogen's Concord: increased scaling at primary ranks
Resolution of the Trackless: % Strength now scales to 34% by row 10, up to 45% by max primary rank
Stormcaller's Concord: % Crit Expense largesse now scales to 35% by row 12, but scales faster at primary ranks to its former max value of 70%
Simoom Totem: improved scaling at primary ranks
: stubborn an emergence with dealing its expense to the particular objective on every censure. However, as this fix is effectively a nerf to the skilfulness, the expense of was increased to compensate.

Become Ultimately C Excite Fellow: improved scaling at primary ranks
Maelstrom: improved scaling at primary ranks

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