Battlefield 2 + Bulge Out Actuality + Vietnam Beta (2010)

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Year: 2005 — 2010
Brand : Undertaking (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Developer : Digital Illusions
Publisher : Electronic Arts
Plank : PC
Tongue: Russian — English
Dependable tongue : English
Publishing Breed : Repack
High-Spirited Kind: 1.5.3153 — 802.0
SITE: 8 bit, Triad , Gamer X, Sangre, hellkite aka [ge] Zorge, ANDROID
Memorial: Sew pic

• Operating arrangement : Windows ® XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
• Processor : CPU 1.7 GHz
• Reminiscence: 1 GB
• Video Liable Act: 256 MB VRAM
• Dependable arrangement: compatible with DirectX
• Acrimonious disk span: 8.3 GB


Battlefield 2 - Continuation of one of the most dominant online cardinal military fighters for the PC. The high-spirited, retaining all the best elements of Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam, puts the gambler in today's most advanced , where military clashes involving only the most advanced action systems , better armored vehicles , planes , helicopters and stupendous stockpiles of everyday arms and explosives. In online battles on one battlefield simultaneously be able to participate up to 64 players .

Devise Actuality:
Maud drastically alters the genuine, and looks like a sinker competent high-spirited. The underlining is on realism and interaction between players. In the high-spirited you can fly on a action seventh heaven helicopters, airplanes, annoy in tanks, armored personnel carriers, sprightly jeeps, mopeds and «suicide bomber». At your disposal are stupendous maps of 16 substantial kilometers. There are both multiplayer and cooperative.

Handgun top-hole in its divergence, and despite the points that most of the weapons, « migrated » to Vietnam from origanilnogo PR, the complete prepare is almost fully compliant with the given period.

Among the new products we would like to touch on:
old boy Tip.53
re otmodelenny Colt 1911 (why is it when reloading , instead of the trust in is inserted into bloom , and can be clearly seen that no holes for rounds or molds themselves not — otmodelili )
« bezotkatka » M18
gracious old M14 ( with the stupendous amount of ardency in knee-jerk style)
Well , and of course MAT — 49 ( which is really quite old « grandfather » remembered for Battlefield: Vietnam)
From the technology of the era , while in the dilatation are :
UH1C Huey / Gunship
Jeep « Willys »
immortal Sikorsky H — 34
BTR — 60
jeep UAZ — 469 ( and « on gracious terms » must be GAZ — 69 )
SU — 57-2
ZIS — 5
Sampan boat

only so far presented in the high-spirited aircraft Douglas A — 1 Skyraider

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