Cursed Repack-MasterDarkness

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Cursed Repack-MasterDarkness

 Year of unfetter: 17 June 2016
Kind: Feat, Private Goal
Developer: Jetdogs Studios
Published: Jetdogs Studios
Dais: PC
Publishing Transcribe: RePack
Idiom: Russian / English
V-Idiom: English
Craze: enclosing (SmartSteamEmu)
Group requirements:
Operating Group: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Processor: 1.6 GHz
Video In The Offing: 512 MB
Disk seat: 1.3 GB
About this flow::
Cursed — a new bold in the kind «I«m looking for» by Jetdogs Studios, creators of the series 12 Labours of Hercules! Go along with the pipeline proper for missing loved ones, and awaken out a distressing affair about her nearby and ! Cursed — a new unclear, fascinating and very astounding upset bold from the known to many gamers of JetDogs Studios. The bold has many incomparable advantages, including an intriguing fable, smack of mysteries, whodunit and unexpected twists, grand graphics, actual puzzles and much more. If you are not terrified to pitch into the beget of the damned truth, close to to recover the planet from deadly, or just want to fork out a well-bred evening, «Cursed» — an other than pick. The existence of the pipeline proper and her boyfriend Albert was lovely and smack of high spirits. It was ... Until then, until a weird word for word to Albert not offered lucrative jobs away from digs. For a extended epoch from Alberta did not greet any expos, and that»s the pipeline proper (ie — you, the speculator) goes to the aid of her lover, not intelligent what had happened to him, and what horrors she will look. The way you are blocking the dragons, ghosts, demons, and other horrific creatures. Can take girlfriend beaten all obstacles? The theme of the bold «Cursed» is smack of twists and surprises. You will learn the obsolete witchcraft affair, to get in mention with beings from another beget, to know his genuine name and to see people from your nearby, so far, that it is unachievable to keep in mind. And most importantly — only you can unfetter your favorite and not let deadly take over the beget. Have you dared to take on task for all humanity? In «Cursed» you have to conduct the wonders of talent and custody to commentary warn and cancel use of the neighbouring objects, introduce all the private locks and doors, to get around obstacles and leave alone the dangers and pile up the crumbs of report about your favorite and record of this damned regard. In Fine, an prominent plus «Cursed» — mind-boggling graphics and atmospheric music. Credibility of monsters, the surroundings, the plight in community, dream up a certain suspicion of the bold. Goosebumps can even run on the backs of the most hardened and heroic. Want a thrill? Snatch the movement of «Cursed» fashionable at non-stop.
Features of Repack:
— Bold Manifestation: 1.0
- Establishment epoch: 4 minutes
— Repack by MasterDarkness

Cursed Repack-MasterDarkness
Cursed Repack-MasterDarkness
Cursed Repack-MasterDarkness

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