Freestyle Rush 2.0 RC1.5 [ TeamFSD ].zip

  • 09.07.2016, 19:39,
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1) If you have a antecedent to model of FreeStyleDash installed, you will need to take to one's heels a backup and delete/remove it. (NOTABLE)
Do not run this from CD/DVD as it may sometime insist communicate with access to meet:

2) Cull and send contentment to your XBOX 360 MU / HDD / USB.

3) Throw default.xex using a method that is outgoing for you. (Dashlaunch, XeXmenu, Etc)

a) Add meet path's in scenery menu, and please be familiar with the next note carefully before complaining.

*** NOTE ***

On the first investigate, please allow it to thoroughly scan/download contentment, do not terminate it,
Reboot xbox, or try to piece around FSD too much.

If an inaccuracy occurs it is best to start from hurried again until the first investigate / download is 100%.

All scans after the first will be fast/and stable.

You can mash R3 (Right thumb confederate) to see what's going on in station bar, and think of your ip.

There is a FTP server and webserver included with FSD 2.0-Beta, so know relieve to log into FTP with xbox as alcohol and password.

Webserver will be http://your-ip

This is labeled as a beta, and with such, bugs will be in the employment, if you know like you're constantly getting
bugs and able to recreate them or at least give an account of them with some recount, please look in on our forums ( and
job the bug/About this outburst: along with the failure log. The forums will be used now for bug reports until we bargain a better way
to hunt down issues.

Get Off On.

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