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This rip is for JTAG/RGH ONLY! it won't business for flashed consoles or typical consoles.

I bought the amusement, ripped the ISO, Extracted it using Iso360Hack and then patched the .xex with Xbox360GameHack.

This wasn't part let off so I made it part let off. It also has call updates removed so you can treat cavalierly it on whatever dashboard you want.

Darksiders II's gag take appropriate during the 100-year durance vile of War following the Darksiders prologue, following the unready End War.

It is revealed that the Four Horseman are the last of the nephilim, fusions of angel and ghoul. In regulation to mummify conserves the excess of the creation, the Four received beyond belief power from the Charred Conclave and used it to butchery the other nephilim. Expiry then trapped the souls of his fallen brothers into his fetish, and earned the call of Kinslayer.

After War is captured and charged for his crimes, the Charred Conclave informs the other three Horsemen of his outcome. The Horseman Expiry, artful that his chum War is the most honorable and incorruptible of the four, and would never have started the Apocalypse at, flies into a flip one«s top. Believing his chum is scapegoat of a plot, Expiry defies the Council»s orders and sets out on a in person pursuit to deal data of his brother's innocence by resurrecting good will.

Expiry first travels to the icy Camouflage to hunt for the Warder of Secrets for data of War«s innocence. He tells Expiry that he must go to the Tree of Entity in regulation to fix up good will, but refuses to pull out a portal there unless Expiry takes service his fetish, the one holding the souls of the nephilim. Expiry refuses and battles the Warder, who takes the feather of War. Expiry defeats him, but is pierced by the shards of the fetish and is thrown into a portal in the Keeper»s finishing act.

Expiry wakes up in the Manufacture Lands, a planet populated by the Makers, beings who manufacture complete worlds. He learns that the planet has been destroy with Corruption, a dull drag that has blocked off the Tree of Entity and has taken over many of the Maker«s constructs. The Makers had crafted a tremendous Paladin to confrontation the Corruption, but had to turn over it before finishing the struggle. Expiry proceeds to fix up the Passion of the Mountain and Tears of the Mountain for the Makers, allowing them to erect him a Maker»s Key to reactivate sleeping constructs. Expiry seeks out a put up known as the Warden, who takes him to the resting appropriate of the Paladin. With the help of a Maker named Karn, the Paladin is completed, but it has been tainted by Corruption and rampages through the Manufacture Lands. Expiry strikes down the Paladin, which is then revived by the Makers and destroys the Corruption blocking the Tree of Entity..... Cont.. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darksiders_II)

Taken from Wikipedia

If you have any problems with the amusement please except a clarification and I'll help you best I can.

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