Disciples II Gold Issue [English] [4CD]

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Disciples II Gold (c) Design First

Disciples II has been awarded countless honours for its corresponding exactly gameplay
and challenging scenarios including encounter of the year and many editor's
acceptance awards.

Disciples II Gold is a must for any Disciples fan and a horrific value for anyone
who has never played Disciples before. All of the Disciples II campaigns
and hundreds of hours of gameplay in one episode-crammed box.

* 5 New Reward Quests

* Louring Soothsaying — A decade has heretofore since the first Horrific War of the aboriginal Disciples encounter.

The end soothsaying continues to take place. Heavy in the crevices of the Revered Lands,
the Chosen One has emerged, predetermined to cause of salvation to some and eradication to others.

Playing as one of four races, gamers must take up the sword and wrangle for the laudation of their God.

* Servants of the Louring — Servants allows gamers to malfunction the two «evil» races while the
Disciples thriller continues to take place.

Malfunction as either the Legions of the Damned ­spreading Brethrezen's harass
across the turf while sensing a greater risk in the Elven god, or the Undead Hordes
seeking exact retribution against Gallean, one that will damage his people for boundlessness.

* Guardians of the Sprightly — Continuing the thriller that began in Louring Soothsaying, Guardians allows
gamers to malfunction either the Empire trying to farther away from guidance of the now idle throne while a
inhuman inquisition sweeps their lands, or the Mountain Clans trying to reunite their tribes
after their near-eradication by the Chosen One.

* Soar of the Elves — For the first measure in Disciples' five year intelligence,
a new playable rallye has emerged. Continuing the storyline that began in the associate packs
Guardians and Servants, gamers can now malfunction the Elven Federation as they contention to combine
their rallye and redeem their forests.

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