[FSX/P3D] Aerosoft/29Palms - Mykonos X v1.01 *Installer + Crack*

  • 11.07.2016, 21:39,
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Thanks «weststar» for installer and «Sania» for Posting it.

I did not check-up it myself, let us know if it is working or not.

According to a tradition, the isle of Mykonos arose as Hercules encountered and defeated twelve giants which he then threw into the sea where they turned into stone. Mykonos is today one of the most famous Mediterranean islands, legendary for its cosmopolitan honour and elegance. The scenery features the intercontinental Airport of Mykonos, which offers a spectacular decorum over steeply rising ground, bays and ivory beaches.

MykonosΓÇÖ architecture is landmarked and inimitable with its look of ivory facades, despondent windows and doors. There are also countless chapels scattered across the holm, some are even located around the airport and one in particular is located prearranged the airport verge.

There are a team a few of sneaking helipads literatim suited for some rather hazardous flights around the holm. A business made yacht with a built-in helipad is available as well for interacting.

All well-connected landmarks are realistically and accurately created. The community is a quite exact location with over one thousand calligraphy control-placed buildings and hundreds of trees to take precautions the honour look of Mykonos.

The express holm is covered with important firmness assistant symbolism (0.5m/px) and business autogen.

Regardless of being an airliner, a helicopter or a sneaking drive, this scenery covers all aspects of airliner simulation in a very exact decorum and holds many things to design.

Enter the cockpit of a sneaking jet or a helicopter after touchdown with an airliner and travel this glorious scenery which was built to be a uncut and important exact idol of the genuineness.

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