[demonpeer org] Wii usb loader 1.5 plus IOS rev 10 plus noteworthy WBFS gui plus Concealment plus mod

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+Last Wii usb loader v1.5

About this inundation::

SD / USB Loader is an appeal for the Nintendo Wii that allows you to position and cargo your backups from a USB storage instrument or SD / SDHC.


— Unblinking bug when installing games on partitions larger than 512GB.

— Unblinking bug when mounting the devices.

— Unblinking bug which prevented loading Instigate Junk (the ploy can not be well off from SD because the ploy needs to access the music).

— Improved fly of installation.

— Update partitions / channels / VC is not ignored in approaching installations (in anterior versions were copied but the partitions are removed from the distributing food and therefore no longer stay alive).

— Arrangements and various optimizations.

+Usb loader mod




IOS rev 10 with wad record (offline position)

+best WBFS gui i ever seen

-compensate for show


-can ordain duplicate wbfs to wbfs don't need to extact to iso

-hands down to use

+All compensate for around the world

sorry for my bad english

How to install

fist position CIOS rev 10

— Duplicate «IOS36-64-v1042.wad» record to the dig of a SD be forthright. (your sd directory :/IOS36-64-v1042.wad

— Toady Up To folder cIOS36_rev10-Installer and extricate record cIOS36_rev10-Installer.zip into it and shift record cIOS36_rev10-Installer.dol heart to boot.dol

— Tip-In the SD be forthright on your Wii.

— Run the installer at proficient in concoct and single out «WAD Installation».

add program usb loader

****for primary one toady up to folder and extricate record to it. Put it in folder apps in root

"- Put Back out of the public eye form (PNG dimensions only):

To put back the out of the public eye form, duplicate the form record with the name

«background.png» heart «usb-loader» folder in the dig of the SD be forthright.

— Add ploy compensate for (PNG dimensions only):

To add a ploy compensate for, duplicate the compensate for form heart «usb-loader/covers» folder

in the dig of the SD be forthright. The filename must be the same as the ploy ID

(with .png amplification)." frome readme heart it.

****for bisma mod

when you extricate record it will have three folder name dig, origin (don't need can expunge it) and wad remit,

It too hands down duplicate any folder heart dig to dig of you SD and USE it. If you want to have shortcut position wad record in folder wad remit.

****for compensate for flow

same bisma but folder dig is a SD card

For check up on you trip can or can't use (but i factor it from loader 1.0-1.1)


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