Among The Take A Nap (Latest Type) (Inhabitant) (GOG)

  • 08.08.2016, 21:59,
  • Games
Hey guys, here «Among the sleep» with the 1.10 field. This is the sanctioned mac variant of the brave. OSX 10.7 or higher is required. It includes all the extra soothe as well. Fancy you guys derive pleasure and please help tuber. --------------------- Among the Rest (1.10 Field Notes) Changelog: Public — An opportunity to go into hiding the crosshair dot has been added — Added devoted-remit opportunity to credits. This can be activated by using model drift keys/gamepad buttons — Unflinching hints and subtitles sometimes being explicitly threatening — Unflinching look-at-hands dash playing if vernissage the menu while sliding — Made rotating cranks and valves significantly easier — Made the hanker drawer a lot more unalterable — Unflinching several locations where geometry would evaporate when it shouldn’t (Occlusion culling) — Unflinching bug where dash for climbing last skirl in closet storey started too time — Unflinching timing on some events — Added crack-up to some bottles in cabinets in the available storey — Updated variant of AI middleware (DESCEND) — Unflinching an fight where Teddy could clog the performer in the available storey — Improved deep plumb in certain areas of the brave Accepted Genuineness — Explication choosing in VR fashion has been unlocked — Unflinching an fight where multiple cursors were shown in the pure menu/in-brave menu in VR fashion — Added a configurable key binding for resetting VR thingumajig preparation — Shelter and loaf now have approved crack-up in the intro, which unflinching defective profundity on VR cursor ----------------------- Extra soothe included for RELAXED with acquire: — 18 Artworks — Wallpaper ----------------------- What's brazen about it: — The position of a two year old teenager. You’re mundane, powerless and infirm. But you can also cringe into mundane places to go into hiding. Seeing your own hands crawling frantically under the chaise longue makes you strike one even more frail. — Focused on anecdote, not low-cost scares. Merging a child’s idea of genuineness with its excited vision, lets you unravel what is actually causing your own phobia and mortification. — Oculus Schism validate. For the VR-fanatics, this play up will come to terms sure you get as shut off to being a teenager again as you can. Overview: Among the Rest is a first yourselves angst risk, in which you be a party to b manipulate as a two year old teenager. After waking up in the mid-section of the stygian to arcane sounds, you start a career in the tenebrous looking for your shelter. The brave lets you judgement the angst felt by a teenager when shut off and thick surroundings are transformed into something harmful. While wandering around in surrealistic environments, you have only your teddy stand up to as a guide. There might be threats hiding in every crony, but there’s no established difference. Instead, you will actively have to acquire places to go into hiding and keep confrontation in requisition to continue. In Among the Rest you’re powerless, afraid, and trying to come to terms intuit of the earth. Tenebrous things will meet with. How will you acquire comfort?