Confinement Architect - Alpha 22 - Mac OSX

  • 08.08.2016, 22:25,
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Clink Architect Alpha 22 Enlarge and Administer A Most Guaranty Clink. Clink Architect is the world's latest Clink Command Sim. Starting with an vacant theme of country you must invent a holding chamber with root tone down and intensity to accommodate your first pack of prisoners, to buy you enough occasion to imagine a suitable chamber hamper. Variation-Log = CHANGES New construction documentation : «Clear Indoor Area» This removes any walls and materials and returns them to definitive . It only works indoors, and does not obliterate the perceptible walls of the construction. It also removes any objects in the extent. Added more instructive bankruptcy messages to the Modification examine, for when scheduling fails. These are community failures that were wrongly reported as «NO ROOMS FOUND», chief to many bug reports ALL ROOMS CADUCEUS ONLY : The office must be available to the prisoners, Caduceus Only therefore doesn't figure on NO R TIMESLOT : There must be a opening in the r of X hours of Industry occasion, enough to fit the well-rounded period in NO TEACHERS : You don't have any of the required guru typeface Guards no longer delayed a unite out in the Holding Chamber when they have nothing to do You can now distinct a r for Max or Min sec prisoners and gain to the lapse Well-Adjusted sec r, with a new X button in the r window Narcotics continued The Methadone program is no longer «graded» in the same way as the other academic/practical programs. Achievement certainty is now based fully on turnout. Concentration and Insight no longer stake a in support of participate in Doubled the mulct to «Health» grading for cure and liquor addictions (now — 4 points per addiction) Doubled the so to speak on re-offending certainty of cure and liquor addictions The Methadone program has been renamed to «Pharmacological Treatment of Cure Addiction» The Alcoholics Anonymous program has been renamed to «Alcoholics Team Therapy» Commons ingredients will only be delivered if you have a Kitchenette Commons trays will only be delivered if you have a canteen = RESOLUTE 0002217: [AI & Conduct] 2 kitchens cause cooks to run between the two unproductively. (Icepick) — resolved. 0001684: [Gameplay] Jobs: Run *X (elDiablo) — resolved. 0004900: [AI & Conduct] Delivered maxsec prisoners not taken to shared holding chamber (elDiablo) — resolved. 0004905: [AI & Conduct] When Endless Intake is on, guards do not protector prisoners to holding chamber (elDiablo) — resolved. 0003448: [AI & Conduct] Max Guaranty Prisoners are put into Med Guaranty Holding Cells. (elDiablo) — resolved. 0002282: [Oversight & Consumer Interface] Preserve *X in *Y (elDiablo) — resolved. 0001859: [Graphics] CCTV can not see the blanch in cleaning cupboard (Reef) — resolved. 0004380: [Gameplay] Programs not working (lim_ak) — resolved. 0004938: [Gameplay] Cloning of Laundry Baskets (Reef) — resolved. 0000151: [Graphics] Non-utility-interrelated objects prominent in utilities watch (lim_ak) — resolved. 0004808: [Graphics] Two-layer objects appear incorrectly on deployment/utilites examine (lim_ak) — resolved. 0004687: [AI & Conduct] No carry to invest young note (elDiablo) — resolved. 0001006: [AI & Conduct] CCTV cameras are being blocked by doors in the walls. (lim_ak) — resolved. 0005000: [Other] fa name fineness (John) — resolved. 0003590: [AI & Conduct] can't run instruction programs because «all rooms booked» (Chris) — resolved. 0000478: [Other] all at once crashed (Reef) — resolved. 0004439: [AI & Conduct] Guards cannot be healed while escorting a con (Icepick) — resolved. 0004417: [AI & Conduct] Isn't the doctor obliged to stake host to overdose? (elDiablo) — resolved. 0003286: [Graphics] CCTV not working in showers & caller rooms (Reef) — resolved. 0000914: [AI & Conduct] Guards not onset nearest doors (_alphaBeta_) — resolved. 0002260: [AI & Conduct] Prisoners are not shown by CCTV (Reef) — resolved. 0004823: [Gameplay] [motherbug] Fall in generating PNG *after* composition set apart on 64bit linux/windows/mac (John) — resolved. 0003649: [AI & Conduct] Utility placed as complain about and interrupts further utility emplacement (elDiablo) — resolved. 0004685: [Graphics] [BugBash — 1d] Complain About graphics messed up and swapped around (_alphaBeta_) — resolved. 0000590: [Gameplay] Cancelling instituting doesn't refund currency (Icepick) — resolved. 0003279: [Gameplay] CCTV not revealing prisoners in Community Office and showers (lim_ak) — resolved. 0003304: [Gameplay] CCTV Cameras get stuck (lim_ak) — resolved. 0004496: [Oversight & Consumer Interface] Important gap in menu resumes occupation occasion (lim_ak) — resolved. 0002866: [Gameplay] Expanding country drops ALL patrols (lim_ak) — resolved. 0004172: [AI & Conduct] When you have 2 laudries all the baskets end up in one of them sooner (it gets crowded with laudry baskets) (Icepick) — resolved. 0004533: [Set Apart & Trouble] Somtimes when economy the occupation crashes (Reef) — resolved. 0003941: [Dais Associated With Issues] Fall on auto-set apart (Reef) — resolved. 0003228: [Set Apart & Trouble] fall on set apart, no evidence is fallen (John) — resolved. 0004049: [Set Apart & Trouble] AutoSave Bug on linux Methodology — set apart works but png epitome does not (John) — resolved. 0002710: [Set Apart & Trouble] Occupation crashes after autosave on 64bit distros (John) — resolved. 0001734: [Other] CCTV Camera Subject in a work/laundry extent (Reef) — resolved. 0001577: [Dais Associated With Issues] Fall in the stump. (John) — resolved. 0002205: [Set Apart & Trouble] Occupation hangs when / after economy (John) — resolved. 0003612: [Set Apart & Trouble] [Linux] Set Apart occupation causes fall — resolved. 0000379: [Set Apart & Trouble] Failed to set apart any clink or trouble second background in introduction [Cyrillic symbols] (John) — resolved. 0000028: [Other] Officialdom for spontaneous (lim_ak) — resolved. 0000549: [Gameplay] CCTV doesn't take pleasure in objects in storage (Reef) — resolved. 0000808: [AI & Conduct] Invest Crap (Icepick) — resolved. 0000864: [Gameplay] Unfinished foundations won't bring to an end after loading (Icepick) — resolved. 0002226: [Gameplay] I would like to see the instituting way have an opportunity for definitive walls instead of chunk. (Icepick) — resolved. 0004701: [Graphics] Safety Tazers appear in Utilities watch (lim_ak) — resolved. 0003237: [AI & Conduct] Existing Prisoners will not be reassigned «shared» guaranty cells. (Chris) — resolved. 0003996: [Interpretation] Con discharge, leaves map, On bio tab preferred fall (Icepick) — resolved. 0001469: [AI & Conduct] Desolate door won't close-matched (Icepick) — resolved. 0000081: [AI & Conduct] Injured Guards don't solicit medical treatment on their own (Icepick) — resolved. 0000039: [Oversight & Consumer Interface] Camera controls vigorous when spotlight is in menus (lim_ak) — resolved. 0004264: [Gameplay] Suddenness up games with hotkeys (lim_ak) — resolved. 0000037: [Oversight & Consumer Interface] «Read the CEO's letter» in the Todo laundry list comes ago (Icepick) — resolved. 0003204: [AI & Conduct] Wooden prisoners moved to Clinic not Morgue (Icepick) — resolved. 0001529: [AI & Conduct] Wooden visitors pay no heed off morgue slabs. (Icepick) — resolved. 0002487: [AI & Conduct] Wooden visitor's not taken away by hearse. (Icepick) — resolved. 0002457: [AI & Conduct] Corners pathfinding tarnished (elDiablo) — resolved. 0003275: [AI & Conduct] If job clandestine impassable office, enlarge doors/demolish wall/buldoze ignored (elDiablo) — resolved. 0004626: [Set Apart & Trouble] Occupation crashes after economy a certain amount of times. (Reef) — resolved. 0002850: [Dais Associated With Issues] Statement failed, mutex_win32.cpp, virgule 43 (John) — resolved. 0004406: [AI & Conduct] Guru never goes relaxed (and classroom seems bugged) (Icepick) — resolved. 0004090: [Gameplay] Towards it Capacitors don't need to result on (Icepick) — resolved. 0001425: [Oversight & Consumer Interface] Several menus do not occupation (lim_ak) — resolved. 0000482: [AI & Conduct] Lights overlapping CCTVs (lim_ak) — resolved. 0004492: [Gameplay] De-zoning a Desolate Chamber will cause a fall (John) — resolved. 0001984: [Gameplay] Laundry Baskets can not be dismanteled or removed once placed. (Icepick) — resolved. 0000046: [Oversight & Consumer Interface] Can click on some menus «behind» Officialdom examine (lim_ak) — resolved. 0001383: [Graphics] Workshop saw and request deployed incorrectly if rotated. (Icepick) — resolved. 0000045: [Graphics] Abundance drains not aligning to grid correctly (Icepick) — resolved. 0004368: [Other] Startup fall in __GLeeGetExtensions (John) — resolved.