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Family Of Detention Architect Alpha 21c Physique and Make It A Pinnacle Sanctuary Family Of Detention. Family Of Detention Architect is the world's latest Family Of Detention Governance Sim. Starting with an lacking in chart of earth you must invent a holding room with central incredible and vibrations to family your first assortment of prisoners, to buy you enough ease to design a expected room deny stuff up. Become-Log = Narcotics Prisoners can now take drugs (typically smuggled in through calling), and exhibit addictions Addiction gets stronger with each use of a medicine Prisoners go into withdrawal if they do not get their drugs fix irascible enough Some prisoners go one's appearance with existing addictions, other prisoners try drugs when bored or disgruntled All drugs have a come to pass to cause an overdose, which is mortal unless at once treated by a Doctor The come to pass of overdose increases with the backbone of the addiction Currently included: Heroin Cocain Alchohol Two new Correction programs to help skirmish medicine addiction: Methodone program, a chemical suppliment that helps shift the craving of addicted prisoners Alchoholics anonymous confluence, a treatment sitting aimed at reducing the mental dependence on Prisoners who refrain (or are prevented) from compelling drugs for wish enough to go it through withdrawal have a come to pass to repair their addiction, Wheezles Turkey pattern. = Advanced r curb You can now curb the r for each sanctuary independantly — Min sec / Rational sec / Max sec prisoners Use this to trade places the actions of your different lifer categories throughout the day R «Nothing» has been renamed «Lockup», to better muse about its substance. Prisoners must interest to their cells during Lockup. = Intercourse selector There is now a Synthesizing Jack fail in the Pre-Eminent Menu (top nautical port) which can be clicked on to become the business intercourse. This opens the intercourse selector interview, which shows all currently installed intercourse packs (MODS) In the STEAM adaptation this interview also lists ALL intercourse packs currently available via the Steam Workshop Selecting any intercourse horde will automatically download it and register it, and the Synthesizing Jack icon will become becomingly Transportation business : Many more immutable-coded strings have been exported to the intercourse , on for transportation = Yielding Prisoners now have a come to pass to yielding when faced with mortal pressure Armed guards whoop warnings before vacancy verve. Weaker prisoners will yielding at once, raising their hands in the air. More disputatious prisoners may yielding after being stimulus at or wounded by gunfire. Surrendered prisoners are at once 100% suppressed, and will interest to their cells after the armed guards have passed. NOTE : Soldiers still do not whoop warnings, and will not receive yielding once they have affianced a aim. — You can now appropriate discretionary punishments from a Prisoners rap coating — up to 24 hours Lockdown (in room) or 24 hours in Hermitical — Bank loans no longer trust against you in the recompense of bankruptcy. So you can use a bank advance to get away bankruptcy if it is available. — Framed : Army trucks no longer get stuck on locked Course Gates — In the «Names in the Game» catalogue you can now first-rate your access and tick the box labelled «This is me» This sets your lifer avatar to this eccentric. If you hit upon yourself locked up within your family of detention, this is the lifer who will include you. — Many pre-eminent menu now use better font sizes for lists — Nutritional design moved to Design window. Design now unlocked by Warden — The pinnacle duplicate range of the Clone embellish has been doubled from 6 squares to 12 squares — Dog hint go (medicine detection) has been reduced reduce — Improved visual go for tazer verve