Quantum Unevenness v2.2.2.0 RePack

  • 08.08.2016, 22:30,
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Baptize: Quantum Interject Publishing Order: RePack Class: Demeanour (Shooter), 3D, 3rd Themselves Developer: Treat Diversion / Microsoft Spirited Studios Year: 2016 Stage: PC Translation: v. Vernacular: English, Russian V-Vernacular: English, Russian Stone: Guide activation SET-UP REQUIREMENTS: ? Intel Insides i5-4460 or AMD FX — 6300 or better; ? 8 GB of RAM; ? graphics visiting-card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R7 260x or better ? 63 GB of vacant accommodation on the drive; ? 64-bit operating set-up Windows 10 translation 1511 or older Features repack :: • Do not cut | Do not recoded [1080p video] • Spirited archives are not touched • Spirited Translation — v. • Ordination patch ~ 6-10 minutes (SSD) PUBLICITY! If there was a anterior translation repack, you must expunge the last translation of the activation. Apply To off antivirus programs (as well as Windows Defender) and do not burden the PC during ordination. And carefully present the instructions for launching How to do it: 1) Run the Windows PowerShell ISE on behalf of the administrator. 2) At the call the tune swift: Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted 3) Tiptop: Yes for all 4) Turn Out-AppxPackage Microsoft.QuantumBreak_1.7.0.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe 5) Concentrated: Powershell ISE --------------------------------------- Q: Why guide activation? B'cause C[the determination where you fit varies] does not m automatically in the spirited for some systems and award them errors or bugs. ---------------------------------------- Ordination instructions: ---------------------------------------- Consumer Account Guide (UAC) must be crippled. 1. Turn Out from the stock folder with the spirited files and AppxSignature.p7x TestLicense.xml 2. Click the shortcut Win + R and order gpedit.msc 3. In the liberal column of the window that opens, tiptop the «Computer Configuration» > «Administrative Templates» > «the Windows Components» > «Application Carton Deployment.» 4. In the right column, with the first four parameters, do the following: Right click the «mouse» on the parameter > «Change/Edit» > Grade "Included» > «OK». 5. Unstinting the put with Notepad (in the spirited folder) AppxManifest.xml data and turn out the data with news about the sanction eleventh row ID: mp: PhoneIdentity PhoneProductId = «240e2d24-79b2-4230-a7c5-2c31e019869a» PhonePublisherId = «c0566bf3-b08a — 4984-9de3-63aea1f3eba6» Concentrated the put, agreeing with the changes. 6. Click «Start» and tiptop «Settings» > «updates and security» > «For Developers» and be comprised of c hatch sure that the selection «Developer mode» is selected. 7.. Start WindowsPowerShell ISE on behalf of the Administrator. 8. Sequentially pierce commands. After you order each call the tune, exert pressure the Pierce key: Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted After entering this call the tune, you need to click "Yes to all — A» “cd C:PathMicrosoft.QuantumBreak_1.5.0.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe” (Example: cd C: Microsoft.QuantumBreak_1.7.0.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe) Add-AppxPackage — AppxManifest.xml 9. Start the appositeness «the Xbox» (from the «Start» menu) and pierce the alternate account. (Or make up the name of the spirited through the Search in Windows magnifying specs icon to the right of the Start button)