[PS2] Guitar God

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Nome: Guitar God Plataforma: PlayStation 2 Feito do: Guitar Heroine II Dificuldade: Scholar * Jogadores: 1 Idioma: Português-Brasil Tamanho: 3,26GB Mídia: DVD 4,7GB Região: NTSC Controle: DualShock e Guitarra Come To Someone's Rescue Próprio: Sim * Para mais detalhes de dificuldade, veja a SetList abaixo. SetList: 1. SÉRIES E ANIMES Pegasus Pretence &#151; Angra [SCHOLAR] Haruka Kanata &#151; Asian Kung Fu Fathering [ALL] Pokemon Power Tract &#151; Jason Paige [SCHOLAR] I'll Be There For You &#151; The Rembrants [SCHOLAR] ENCORE Grand Morphin Power Rangers &#151; Iron Maiden [SCHOLAR] 2. METAL Reverence of the Shadowy &#151; Iron Maiden [SCHOLAR] Lug On &#151; Angra [TYRANNICAL, SCHOLAR] Bat Provinces &#151; Avenged Sevenold [MEDIAN, TYRANNICAL, SCHOLAR] Before I Think Of &#151; Slipknot [MEDIAN, TYRANNICAL, SCHOLAR] ENCORE Through the Fervency and Flames &#151; DragonForce [TYRANNICAL, SCHOLAR] 3. SELEÇÃO 1 Smells Like Teen Passions &#151; Nirvana [SCHOLAR] Hysteria &#151; Consider [ALL] A Correct For My Coconut &#151; Linkin Deposit [SCHOLAR] Shipping up to Boston &#151; Dropkick Murphys [SCHOLAR] ENCORE Era um Garoto &#151; Engenheiros do Hawaii [ALL] 4. SELEÇÃO 2 Santeria &#151; High [MEDIAN, TYRANNICAL, SCHOLAR] Pachabel's Canon &#151; Jerry C. [SCHOLAR] I Be Reluctant Everything About You &#151; Three Days Decorate [TYRANNICAL, SCHOLAR] Seasonspeech &#151; Elvenking [ALL] ENCORE Panama &#151; Van Halen [ALL] 5. SELEÇÃO 3 Unknown &#151; Helmet [ALL] Those Who Make Further &#151; The Furious Mages [TYRANNICAL, SCHOLAR] Attentive Emphasize Alabama &#151; Lynyrd Skynyrd [ALL] I Want Out &#151; Helloween [SCHOLAR] ENCORE Cowboy's From Pandemonium &#151; Pantera [ALL] 6. SELEÇÃO 4 A Last Hallucination &#151; Trans-Siberian Orchestra [SCHOLAR] Johnny B. Goode &#151; Chavie [ALL] Redemption &#151; Shadows Collapse [CLEAR, SCHOLAR] Chop Suey &#151; Group of a Down [SCHOLAR] ENCORE The Roguish End &#151; Avenged Sevenfold [SCHOLAR] 7. DIFÍCEIS Surfing With The Strange &#151; Joe Satriani [SCHOLAR] Tripollette &#151; Andrew Buch [ALL] Cemetery Gates &#151; Pantera [SCHOLAR] Bark at the Moon &#151; Ozzy Osbourne [ALL] ENCORE Old Lag Of Mankind &#151; The Living End [TYRANNICAL, SCHOLAR] 8. QUASE IMPOSSÍVEIS Highway Incomparable &#151; Sonorous Purple [TYRANNICAL, SCHOLAR] Brasileirinho &#151; Armandinho [SCHOLAR] Worldwide Thoughts &#151; Clear Suspense Policy Test [ALL] Concerto &#151; Cacophony [ALL] ENCORE Savagery of the Assail &#151; DragonForce [SCHOLAR] REMUNERATION Implacable Kombat Tract &#151; George S. Clinton [SCHOLAR] Goodbye &#151; SR &#151; 71 [SCHOLAR] Emerald Sword &#151; Rhapsody of Fervency [SCHOLAR] As I Am &#151; Vision Theater [SCHOLAR] Run Out Assign It All &#151; Bring Into Being Against [SCHOLAR] A Transmute of Seasons &#151; Vision Theater [SCHOLAR] The Date-Book of Jane &#151; Breaking Benjamin [ALL] Toxicity &#151; Group of a Down [SCHOLAR] M.I.A &#151; Avenged Sevenfold [SCHOLAR] The Sanctuary of Be Reluctant &#151; Angra [SCHOLAR] The Holy War &#151; Trivium [ALL] By the Way &#151; Red Hot Chili Peppers [SCHOLAR] Voodoo Kid (Snub Takings) &#151; Jimi Hendrix [SCHOLAR] To The Utmost &#151; Yngwie Malmsteen [SCHOLAR] Vicious &#151; Saintly [SCHOLAR] Hired Hall of the Mountain Sovereign &#151; Apocalyptica [SCHOLAR] Impudent Inclined &#151; Stevie Ray Vaughan [TYRANNICAL, SCHOLAR] Hallucination of the Opera &#151; Iron Maiden [SCHOLAR] Motor Hotel Caliornia &#151; The Eagles [MEDIAN, TYRANNICAL, SCHOLAR] Duelling Banjos &#151; Deliverance [SCHOLAR] Long Explanation 2 - Fog [SCHOLAR] Fly Like The Wind of Upon &#151; Stratovarius [SCHOLAR] Teen Titans Tract &#151; Puffy AmiYumi [SCHOLAR] Vivaldi's Winter &#151; Shadowy Moor [SCHOLAR] Cheats: GUITARRA AÉREA TRIÂNGULO, TRIÂNGULO, BOLA, QUADRADO, TRIÂNGULO, BOLA PLATÉIA EYEBALL BOLA, BOLA, QUADRADO, TRIÂNGULO, QUADRADO, TRIÂNGULO, QUADRADO, BOLA, BOLA PLATÉIA MACACO QUADRADO, QUADRADO, BOLA, TRIÂNGULO, TRIÂNGULO, QUADRADO, BOLA, TRIÂNGULO, TRIÂNGULO CABEÇA EM CHAMAS QUADRADO, TRIÂNGULO, QUADRADO, QUADRADO, TRIÂNGULO, QUADRADO, TRIÂNGULO, TRIÂNGULO CABEÇA DE CAVALO BOLA, QUADRADO, QUADRADO, BOLA, QUADRADO, QUADRADO, BOLA, QUADRADO, QUADRADO, BOLA HYPER VELOCIDADE QUADRADO, BOLA, QUADRADO, TRIÂNGULO, QUADRADO, BOLA, QUADRADO, TRIÂNGULO MODO EXHIBITION TRIÂNGULO, TRIÂNGULO, BOLA, TRIÂNGULO, TRIÂNGULO, QUADRADO, TRIÂNGULO, TRIÂNGULO DESTRAVAR TUDO BOLA, TRIANGULO, QUADRADO, BOLA, QUADRADO, TRIÂNGULO, BOLA, TRIÂNGULO, BOLA, TRIÂNGULO, BOLA, TRIÂNGULO, BOLA, TRIÂNGULO, BOLA, TRIÂNGULO <a href=" http://guitarherocustom.forumeiros.com/t3-ps2-guitar-god« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://guitarherocustom.forumeiros.com/t3-ps2-guitar-god</a
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