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Seven7i Presents Adobe AIR Mac (Released: Nov 11, 2015) Adobe AIR: is a huffish-operating group runtime being developed by Adobe that allows developers to leverage their existing web maturity skills (Flicker, , HTML, JavaScript, Ajax) to base and deploy costly Internet applications (RIAs) to the desktop. AIR enables developers to originate applications that relate the benefits of Web applications network and alcohol connectivity, costly media theme, facility of maturity, and frank reach--with the strengths of desktop applications dedication interactions, neighbourhood resource access, private settings, great functionality, and costly interactive experiences. What is Adobe AIR? The Adobe® AIR® runtime enables developers to incorporate the same encipher into original apps for Windows and Mac OS desktops as well as iPhone, iPad, Politely Passion, Inglenook Bolus, and other Android™ devices, reaching the non-stationary app stores for over 500 million devices. top new features in AIR 1Stage 3D: Base sensational, blazing-self-indulgently cinematic 2D and 3D games for the browser, iOS, and Android™. Use fully accelerated GPU representation, which leverages the power of OpenGL and DirectX graphics. 2Extensibility: Divulge developers the aptitude to reprove into their original, podium-personal to encipher using AIR original extensions. Allowed sets of original libraries are available through the Adobe Contest Developer Tools to further empower developers. 3HD-characteristic video: Figure Up B Act Up heinous-characteristic HD video with energy-exemplar codecs such as H.264, AAC, and MP3. Use GPU mat optimization and chipsets that hierarchy across all platforms to anticipate best-in-caste video exhibit. Note: Copying and Uploading the Stream is not allowed For Uploader its put on By Seven7i Without leave copier Must Be Write-Up To Wonderful Moderators Appreciate, Seven7i :)