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mammoth WARFARE (c) Destroy Lock Horns With Games Launch 03/08/2016 Defence: Steam Fake Value: 1 DISC Fake Specimen: Effect, Undertaking, Indie, Simulation LAUNCH NOTES Common Fake What is one limited movement for a humane, is one mammoth undertaking for an Ant Enter Adam in this fun filled first-living soul platformer from the indie developer at «Wreck Lock Horns With Games». Prowl incalculable humane sized worlds as a negligible little ant, but this is no Ant Simulator This is an AntVenture DLC Taste the the humane race of «GiAnt» through different eyes A First Living Soul Shooter from a negligible point of view Hired by the ants it is down to you to act out wildly on the unfriendly enemies that were seen in the prototype gameThough instead of being a negligible ant with only wit and a matchstick to arm yourself, this all together you flirt as a toy soldier, who is crowded with an arsenal of guns This DLC includes More Weapons — away a spider with a shotgun, or smash a moth with an AK47 Ammo and Healthfulness Drops — Never be too far away from Healthfulness or Ammo New Enemies — Some added insects that have new attacks Some can knock off you from afar On The Up Limited — A gleaming On The Up Limited Select Are you mammoth enough to help the ants get exact retribution on these chancy insects Go act out your wildly It's all together to put the Ant on tops of the nutriment tie Spear-Carrier note Hello Yes, this is dog... No this is Ant... mammoth If you didnt role it out, this launch includes both the common fake mammoth and the DLC mammoth WARFARE PUT NOTES 1 Unpack 2 Mount / blacken appearance 3 Put 4 Sample delight from «Crack» folder and supplant fake dir files 5 Flirt fake 6 If U like it, buy it