Irritable Birds Seasons v4.1.0 [Mac OS X]

  • 09.08.2016, 01:31,
  • Games
Name: Browned Off Birds Seasons Side: 4.1.0 (latest) OS side: 10.6 or later Browned Off Birds Seasons takes the captivating gameplay of the pattern to a whole new storey! From Halloween to Chinese New Year, the birds are celebrating different festive seasons around the age! With more than 300 levels these exceptional episodes extend more challenging levels of pig-popping affray and gilded eggs to learn. «All the fun of Browned Off Birds, but more challenging, and with pumpkins and presents.» – Decline to About B Dally «More of the huge Browned Off Birds gameplay you’ve come to know. Well designed and incredibly challenging levels.» -- Gamezebo «A hauntingly suitable width of the pattern, Browned Off Birds Halloween delivers more of the same witty physics brain-teaser about b dally.» -- Island Gamer «So, if you’re an avid bird-slinger, this acquisition just makes too much sagacity to put off. It’s the best, most salt-appropriate way to blockage on top of all the affray, and the expenditure is oh-so-low.» -- App Chronicles With more than 1 billion downloads, Browned Off Birds is the most trendy non-stationary high-spirited of all stretch. Couple the pandemic happening! What's New in Side 4.1.0 Urge sure you’ve got your passport ‘cos this stretch we’re off to SOUTH HAMERICA! 24 duplicitous new levels plus three reward ones, each chock-a-block with relics, artifacts and… pesky piggies! NEW ALTERED CONSCIOUSNESS-ALTITUDE LEVELS! Get cordial to manoeuvre mountains in 24 disentangle levels plump of prehistoric statues, unsound cable bridges and up to date relics! BLOCK THE PIGGIES! Those country-like swine are digging for catch and trying to sneak it, but you can block them – right?