MailTags 4.1.3 MacOSX-MARROW [ATOM]

  • 09.08.2016, 01:36,
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About this stream:: MailTags lets you add comments, due dates, programme notes and precedency rankings to your messages, all without leaving your Inbox! Features: -Integrated interface. Add tagged keywords, programme notes, and precedency rankings through a available side panel. -iCal uphold. Contrive synchronized ToDos and Events in iCal right away from Correspondence. -IMAP uphold. Sync your tags with your IMAP server for access across multiple computers. -Valuable file splash. Splash your tags in strikingly columns in your communication file so you can record lose due dates as they procedure. -Customize Correspondence rules. Contrive rules for impulsive tagging of new messages. -Correspondence search integration. Search your tags from Mail's search american football gridiron. Restrict the search by keywords, projects or notes. — Mailbox integration. Establish mailboxes for searching your messages by keywords, projects, and due dates. -Applescript compatible. Establish Applescript vocation flows for accessing your MailTags figures for use them in other applications. What's New: Variation 4.1.3: -Fixes consummation with remembering low instruct in 10.9 -Fixes layout consummation reciprocal fibre messages in communication file (#1231) -Fixes problems with communication file not always showing tag changes as they take place (#1243) -Fixes consummation with tags being saved on send correspondence when communication is sent via wall street servers (#1238) -Fixes consummation with waiting/reply workflow on messages sent via wall street. (#1238) -Fixes consummation with creep and smidgin tagging not working on OS X 10.10 (#1219) -Fixes blast when deleting or going communication that have tags fastened (#1241) -Fixes gig issues when tags are set on a immense compute of messages (#1236) -Fixes blast when adding events or tasks to messages (#1233) -Fixes consummation with keyword autocomplete not displaying file of keywords (#1245, #1248) -Fixes consummation with positions of tag bar in composer window on 10.9 (#1237) -Fixes consummation with low instruct in gratify meeting mailboxes (#1208) -Fixes problems with tagWindow rift animations and positioning of tag window (#1228) -Fixes proves management of Mailbox sample names for Keywords, Projects, TickleDates to be accordance (#1242) -Fixes consummation with German localization in preferences. (#1252) Practice Requirements: -Intel, 64-bit processor -OS X 10.8 or later -Apple Correspondence