Guitar Warrior Fact IV Revolt 2012 - PS2

  • 09.08.2016, 02:00,
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1.Musicas: 1.Trono De Deus – PG Ft. Pregador Luo 2.There Will Be A Day – Jeremy Encamp 3.Belive – Skillet 4.Creed(Subsist) – Petra 2.Musicas: 5.Alive – P.O.D. 6.I Suspire For You – Decyfer Down 7.This Who I Am – Third Day 8.Supersonic – Dearest Propel 5 3.Musicas: 9.BreakDown – Unpremeditatedly Star 10.Faith, Young Lady And Exuberance – Thousand Foot Krutch 11.I’m So Strange – Flyleaf 12.Everybody Knows My Name – Bride 4.Musicas: 13.Fading – Decyfer Down 14.Arauto – VCD 15.Faceless – RED 16.Murder By Self-Admiration – Stryper 5.Musicas: 17.Radiator – Dearest Propel 5 18.Paralyzed – Brian Leader Welch 19.Renegade – Manafest 20.Intensity It Up – Thousand Foot Krutch 6.Musicas: 21.Espelhos Magicos – Oficina G3 22.Crash(EP Reading) – Decyfer Down 23.Anodyne Sea – As I Lay Going 24.Meus Próprios Meios – Oficina G3 7.Musicas: 25.Off With Her Leader – Icon For Rent 26.Outnumbered – Evil Spirit Wears Prada 27.Through The Flames – War Of Ages 28.Storm The Gates Of Castigation – Vampire Huntsman 8.Musicas: 29.Paralyzed – As I Lay Going 30.Serephim – For Today 31.Hand Grenade – Thousand Foot Krutch 32.Parallels – As I Lay Going Encores: 01.Imposible – Manafest Ft. Trevor McNevan 02.A Course Of Unimportant – Vampire Huntsman 03.In God We Delegate – Stryper 04.Match In Quod – RED 05.It Is Chance – HB 06.All Consuming Intensity – War Of Ages 07.The Rational Of Fact – As I Lay Going Perquisite: 01.Ver Acontecer – Oficina G3 02.Whatever In Takes – Caryatid 03.Summer Of Darkness – Vampire Huntsman 04.Walking Paralysed – Decyfer Down 05.Who We Are – RED 06.Tithemi(Hallelujah) – Sleeping Colossus 07.Sorrow – Flylef 08.Scars Odds – Student 09.Set It Off – P.O.D. 10.Stand Up – Fireflight 11.There For You – Flyleaf 12.Through Exert Oneself – As I Lay Going 13.Chance Of Gag – HB 14.Not Perceptive To Die – Vampire Huntsman 15.L.O.V.E. – Brian Leader Welch 16.Lately – Day Of Intensity 17.No Second Chances – WhiteCross 18.Star – Skillet 19.Desesperado – Fruto Sagrado 20.Deteriorate – Vampire Huntsman 21.Eu Celebrarei – 4 por 1 22.De Olhos Fechados – Oficina G3 23.Desesperade – Fireflight 24.Frontline – Caryatid 25.Whispers In The Swart – Skillet 26. An Profusion Between Us Coop Carrer: 01.War Of Mutate – Thousand Foot Krutch 02.Buried Underneath – RED 03.Not Without A Match – Caryatid 04.Ninguém Me Encontrará Entre Os Fracos – Fruto Sagrado 05.Desculpas – Oficina G3 06.Eu Sou – Oficina G3