Factorio v0.13.15 - Win32

  • 09.08.2016, 02:50,
  • Games
Factorio v0.13.15 Recognize to Buy the Software you Like to Shore Up the Developers. Changelog: v0.13.15 Bugfixes Unflagging that rotating the quickbar would hightail it the headless server explode. (30535) v0.13.14 Changes Surfeit items from crafting are again available for crafting other items. For example, crafting two country-like circuits will no longer fruit in two super copper wires in the player's inventory. This only applies to items that are automatically crafted as a prerequisite; items the jock has explicitly requested to craftiness will not be used to content the dependencies of any further orders. Factorio will manufacture to assuage window in UTF8 on Windows. Bugfixes Unflagging explode when trying to braze copper wire to wrong entities out of traverse in the latency circumstances. (30201) Unflagging burner nourishment sources would keep their vigour when at death's door and being rebuilt by robots. (30283) Unflagging inserters would try to pinch items from rails instead of chests/entities when enlarge in established setups. (30286) Unflagging disconnecting chests or unshakeable combinators not correctly clearing girth network. (30167) Unflagging a explode that sometimes happened after canceling enchiridion crafting. (29910). Unflagging a bug where canceling a essential commodity would repeal more than necessary. (29910) Unflagging explode when trying to braze power switches in map managing editor. (30260) Don't exact Vsync off on OpenGL. (30246) Unflagging slip-up in stringent macula up on 5. (29724) Unflagging a bug where a player's GUI would be reset when any other jock in MP pressed the «switch running quickbar» button. (29116) Don't allow sideloading onto a harmed perimeter. (29436) Unflagging expensive-spirited hanging with certain guide configurations (ring where last rolling clich touches the first). Unflagging signal colors not being updated when home signal states from the girth network (27985) Unflagging mod updates sometimes not being rest with a as a whole amount of mods. Unflagging mods browser not being sorted after searching. (29496) Unflagging regenerating entities on map (28129) Unflagging be on the watch-your-agreement with attainment for veritable this spell. (30434) Unflagging «failed to fashion display» slip-up when switching to another window straight away after launching Factorio. (30481) Unflagging isses with qualifying to NTFS junctions. (28858) Optimizations Significantly reduced the expensive CPU habit caused by the strength ring wisdom from 0.13.10. Modding Unflagging input loader didn't take up again loading after being deactivated due to filled aim container. (28280) Unflagging explode when loader connected to splitter is destroyed. (28616) Scripting Unflagging map corruption and crashes caused by some API functions allowing entities to be used across surfaces when they aren't setup to deal it. (30187) Unflagging evolution_factor could be set to a argumentative gang resulting in slavish enlarge errors. (30264) Unflagging explode when using real nature of quintessence «flame-thrower-explosion» with «create-entity» trigger truly. (28467) Unflagging LuaGameScript::take_hot() would sink if stop register contained non-english expected in its process. (30431) Added LuaEntity::filter_slot_count skim. Added LuaEntityPrototype::mining_drill_radius skim. Added LuaTrain::class skim. Added LuaDamagePrototype and LuaGameScript::damage_prototypes skim. Added LuaEntity::loader_type skim. Added LuaRemote::remove_interface(name). Changed LuaRemote so interface names must be in perfect accord to sustain save/load determinism. LuaEntity::wake up() will indemnity the revived real nature as a second indemnity value if famous and if the ghost was an real nature