Zygor Supervise 5.0.14234 Fraternity of Warcraft 7.0.3 v

  • 09.08.2016, 02:57,
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August 5th, 2016 Interpretation: 5.0.14234 Fix: «attempt to contrast queue with number» ... in use «OrderedPairsCleanFast». Interpretation: 5.0.14233 GOLD SHEPHERD: * Fix for gold shepherd auctions not updating after ingredient is removed from shopping slate. * Improved tooltip handling for items not in town bury. * Improved Auction Tools handling for Affray Pets. August 4th, 2016 Interpretation: 5.0.14225 GOLD SHEPHERD * Fix for Auction Tools difficult situation on account/bind on pickup detection. Interpretation: 5.0.14224 GOLD SHEPHERD: * Restored and updated Gold Shepherd and Auction Tools for Area 7.0. Entirely scans are slower now due to Blizzard changes to the API, but everything should be working again now. August 3rd, 2016 Interpretation: 5.0.14211 Hotfix for press default Interpretation: 5.0.14209 PUBLIC We're still working on getting the Gold Shepherd working again. — Fix to decide LUA errors when using addons with newer libace. — Fix for errors when shepherd tells instructs operator to buy something. — Fix for some issues using employment guides. APPLIANCES ADVISOR: — Additional fixes for valid heirlooms being replaced, and being told that heirlooms are not upgraded — Fix for informal upgrades. * Fix for not being able to reset declined appliances suggestions POIS — Fix for POI errors when completing them while still in grapple with. — Fix for unrealized errors when poi markers are deleted. LEVELING [A] Ragnarok Highlands — Removed the surplus quests that are no longer in the ploy out of the shepherd. [A] Nagrand — Added in an ingredient ID. [A] Loch Modan — Immutable a unprofound cause c in the 12-13 Loch Modan leveling shepherd. [A] The Parching Steppes — Revised shepherd build to rightly road users to the appropriate cover up agreement with. [A] End Of Day Elf — Revised the terminal agreement with of the shepherd with the de rigueur Darnassus map name. [H] Troll — Corrected improper search tags for Campaigner of Chi-Ji and bad coordinates for Troll 1-5 Shepherd. GARRISONS [B] Scouting Missives — Added The Pit and The Understanding. PROFESSIONS [H] Tailoring — Removed the out of boyfriend tip for the mobs that can now be looted. Inserted tags to organize it so tips dont affectation up multiple times. ACHIEVEMENTS [A] To All The Squirrels (Loved, Shared, Cared)/Pest Dominate — Improper Acquisition IDs immutable REPUTATIONS [H] Flaxen Lotus — Immutable issues by adding in the search id and the direct in along with adding a new About this overflow: on how to advancement through/compete the tile search. [A] Kurenai — Added additional agronomy locations for Warbead grinding