• 09.08.2016, 03:29,
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Prepared Tenure: P.T. (Secretive Hills) Dais: PS4/PSN Style: Uneasiness Pale: EUR / PALE UNCONSTRAINED Phraseology: English / MULTI This is the settled P.T. (Secretive Hills teaser) prepared, in .pkg set-up, that hopefully in the , with some tool/mod/emulator, you'll be able to instal later on on your PS4/Play in a emulator. Though it«s not possible to instal it right now, there»s a way to instal it IF you downloaded the EU ver. of P.T. before in which you use a program and a representative to foible work the PS4 to downloading the .pkg when trying to redownload P.T. You can spot a tutorial on doing that here: <a href=" https://www.cheapassgamer.com/topic/341858-how-to-download-games-faster-by-using-your-pc/« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" https://www.cheapassgamer.com/topic/341858-how-to-download-games-faster-by-using-your-pc/</a --- So...it seems that a lot of problems have come up at Konami, with the departure of Hideo Kojima and other grave baton to the voiding of Secretive Hills... All sorts of poor, and what's more poor is the unfamiliar of Konami...but understandable for all the bad decisions/management that's been circumstance there. But forcefully removing P.T. from PSN stock, making it not available to anyone to play/download ever again (unless it's already on their systems) even to those who have downloaded it before is just unadorned fiendish. It CAN«T be start anywhere in retail set-up as it doesn»t stay alive in any medic species, thus it's erased totally everywhere AND worse is that Konami is going against those who have the prepared on their PS4 and delisting anyone who's selling it on eBay. Who knows what they'll do next to those who still have the prepared. ... But with thanks to those who've start a way to download the prepared later on, I was able to and thankfully start a parrot of this prepared (only the EU) and thus obstruct the settled erasure of this prepared. With this parrot of the EU Portrayal of the prepared, it can reside on and in the when the PS4 is jailbroken/emulated/etc, this prepared can then be played! (That or using the method if possible). SPREAD THIS AROUND! SEE UNCONSTRAINED TO UPLOAD IT ANYWHERE! PIT FOR AS GREAT AS YOU CAN FOR EVERYONE! That is all and prepared on!