Bit Blaster XL v2.10

  • 09.08.2016, 04:52,
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A throwback to the shelter eating arcade games of the 80«s. Bit Blaster XL is a retro styled, addictive, and intemperate paced arcade throw »em up! (shmup). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ● Calm to learn, modest arcade Controls to find your deliver, push up, and reduce speed. (can also use a gamepad) (not a counterpart weld shooter) ● A miscellany of hideous Power ups like Split Chance, Intensity seekers, Lasers, and To The Max Chance to succour your survival. ● Several unlock-able ships to shepherd with sui generis attributes to depleted you an anxious in the Concert-Master boards ● Perpetual survival (boundless) repay chasing amusement dramatize with a arcade ● Steam achievements, concert-master boards & Trading cards! (with emoticons & draw wallpapers) ● Unsympathetic retro pixel Graphics. ● Gameplay inspired by Luftrausers, Asteroids, Arrange Invaders and Geometry Wars (some of my favorites) ● Sui Generis flake adjust songs for each deliver. ● Instructions methodology for those that want a different know. About this flood: of Gameplay: Your deliver can not terminus moving; so find it port side and right and use your boost/brake to keep from into an ever increasing amount of enemies. Your deliver is always shooting, so be bound for b assault sure to pick up more ammo and the miscellany of horrifying power ups to help you continue longer. Get the highest repay you can while collecting coins to buy more ships that are faster, throw faster, or have more shields. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Do not shrink from to friend me if there are any problems with the amusement. Bit Blaster is also available free & ad supported on iOS and Android. Thanks for playing, I wish you have some fun with it :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Audio was provided by my gateway and some sovereignty free SFX from FreeSFX The music in the amusement is by the artist «Spiff Tune»
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