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°°±±±±± ±± °±²²²²²²²²ÛÛÛÛÛ²° ²ÛÛÛÛ ²²± °²ÛÛÛ° ÛÛÛ ²² °Û° ²ÛÛ± ÛÛÛ° ²ÛÛ Û Û° °ÛÛÛ °ÛÛÛ ÛÛÛ Û± °Û ÛÛÛ °ÛÛÛ ²ÛÛ ²Û ÛÛ ÛÛÛ± ÛÛÛ² ÛÛ²±Û °ÛÛ²° ÛÛÛ ÛÛÛ² ±ÛÛÛÛ °²ÛÛ²° ²²²²Û²Û²ÛÛÛ² °²ÛÛ² ÛÛÛÛ ²ÛÛÛ ±²ÛÛÛÛ° ÛÛÛÛ± ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ² ±ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ² ±± ÛÛÛ± ²ÛÛÛ²° ÛÛÛ² ÛÛÛ° ÛÛ° Û° ÛÛÛ² ÛÛÛ° ÛÛ± °ÛÛÛ ÛÛÛ ÛÛÛ ²ÛÛ Û ±ÛÛ± ÛÛÛ ²ÛÛ ÛÛÛ± ÛÛ± ±ÛÛ ±ÛÛÛ Û± ±ÛÛ± ²ÛÛ ±ÛÛÛ ± ±° °ÛÛÛ ÛÛ± ÛÛ± ÛÛÛ± Û± ²Û² ±²±ÛÛ± ÛÛÛ± Û² Û² ÛÛÛ ÛÛ² ±ÛÛÛ °ÛÛÛÛ ±Û² ÛÛ±²²± ÛÛ °ÛÛÛÛ °Û² ²ÛÛÛÛÛÛ ±ÛÛÛÛÛ°±ÛÛÛÛ° ÛÛÛÛÛ² ²²²²ÛÛ ±ÛÛÛÛ± ÛÛÛÛÛ² ²²± °²Û± °²² °²Û²° ²Û²° ÛÛ °²² ²Û²° ÛÛ ±ÛÛ ÛÛ° ±ÛÛ² ±ÛÛÛÛÛÛ² ²²²± -P-R-E-S-E-N-T-S- Bears Can't Import!? (c) Strangely Named Studio Let Off Boy : 08/2016 Custody : Steam Discs : 1 Brand : Indie Üßßßßßßßßßßß ß ß ÜßßßÛ ÛßßßÜ ÜßßßÛ Û Û Û ß ß ßßßßßßßßßßßßßÜ Û ÛßßßÛ ÛßßßÛ Û Û Û Û Ûßß Û ßßßßßßßßßßß ß ß Û Û ÛÜÜÜÛ ÛÜÜÜß ÛÜÜÜß ÛÜÜÜß ß ß ßßßßßßßßßßßßß Bears Can't Import!?is an enterprise loaded Kart Racer set in a charmingly stylised to the max. Out now on Anciently access, sluice across a number of tracks and tournament modes with up to four especially bettor split- concealment. On Occasion to chance out if Bears really can Import!Tournament modes On Occasion Pilot Put your skills to the assay in a vim only, immense on occasion pilot. Use the enterprise button to hurried restart if things go discredit and try to pound the top times and friends with four especially bettor splitscreen. For more info go to : Üßßßßßßßßß ß ß ß ÛßßßÜ Üßßßß Û ÜßßßÛ Û Û ß ß ßßßßßßßßßÜ Û Û Û Û ßßßßÛ Ûßß ÛßßßÛ Û Û Û ßßßßßßßßß ß ß Û Û Û ÜÜÜÜß ÛÜÜÜß Û Û ÛÜÜÜß ÛÜÜÜß ß ß ßßßßßßßßß 1. Echo let off 2. Mount ISO 3. Invest the tournament 4. Echo craze from the PLAZA folder 5. Hesitate! Comprehensive Notes: — Deterrent the game's exe in your firewall to bar the tournament from trying to go online .. — If you invest games to your systemdrive, it may be necessary to run this tournament with admin privileges instead Üßßßßßßßßßß ß ß Üßßßß ÜßßßÛ Üßßßß Üßßßß Û Üßßßß ß ß ßßßßßßßßßßÜ Û Û ßßÛ ÛßßßÜ Ûßßßß Ûßßßß Ûßß ßßßßÛ Û ßßßßßßßßßß ß ß ÛÜÜÜÛ Û Û ÛÜÜÜß ÛÜÜÜß ÛÜÜÜß ÜÜÜÜß ß ß ßßßßßßßßßß CODEX — mystery — ADDONiA Üßßßßßßßßßßßßßßß ß ß ÛßßßÜ Üßßßß Û Û Û ÜßßßÜ ß ß ßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßÜ Û Û Û Ûßßßß Û Û Û ßßßßÛ Û ßßßßßßßßßßßßßßß ß ß Û Û ÛÜÜÜß ÛÜÛÜß ÜÜÜÜß ß ß ßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßß Coming soon