Portal 2 Coop Printing + 4 DLC (upd.30) [Multi223]

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S K I D R O W .the greatest current. proudly presents Portal 2 (c) Valve 19-04-2011........Rescuing Friend — Protection.........Steam CEG Action...............Round Strain — Disk(s)..................1 DVD RESCUING NOTES Portal 2 draws from the presentation-prepossessing means of innovative gameplay, assertion, and music that earned the creative Portal over 70 activity accolades and created a cult following. The lone-musician scrap of Portal 2 introduces a out of lively new characters, a manageress of different riddle elements, and a much larger set of slippery prove chambers. Players will travel never-before-seen areas of the Hole Art Labs and be reunited with GLaDOS, the irregularly deadly computer fellow who guided them through the creative round. The games two-musician cooperative form features its own entirely disassemble effort with a lone assertion, prove chambers, and two new musician characters. This new form forces players to reconsider everything they hope they knew about portals. Triumph will instruct them to not just act cooperatively, but to think cooperatively. Features: Worldwide lone musician: Featuring next propagation gameplay and a wildly-engrossing assertion. Perfect two-in the flesh co-op: Multiplayer round featuring its own dedicated assertion, characters, and gameplay. Advanced physics: Allows for the origin of a whole new assortment of attractive challenges, producing a much larger but not harder round. Creative music. Hulking follow-up: The creative Portal was named 2007's Round of the Year by over 30 publications worldwide. Editing Tools: Portal 2 editing tools will be included. Note: To be made available after get going. FIX IN PLACE NOTES 1. Unpack the rescuing 2. Mount or long effigy 3. Fix In Place 4. Replication all files from the SKIDROW folder to the round induction 5. Diminish the round (use our included terminology launcher to modify terminology 6. Encouragement the companies, which software you actually dig ADDITIONAL NOTES Dig — a very bold office-seeker to round of the year Credits to Hyochan for the unforgivable tune up we used on our terminology launcher GREETINGS Unleashed — TiNYiSO — MRN — RADIKAL — POSTMORTEM — GENESIS — Fairlight REPEL — BRUSQUE — ReUnion — VACE — OUTLAWS — COUNTERACTION — Titan ascii art by the rapturous & terrific duo malodix irokos