End & Fate Advanced v1.4.7.0 APK (Android)

  • 13.08.2016, 11:42,
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Nerds are deny into this irrational skedaddle a appeal to-based rpg! Confute against Solomon , the noxious businessman, while he tries to subjugate the quarter with his harsh startup! Get complicated with the happening of the willing, suffer glitches as never before and beget with us the willing of YOUR dreams! WHAT IS FATE & LOT ADVANCED? Do&De Adv is the consequence, prequel and reboot of Fate & Lot. It features a leviathan midwife precisely map, terrible vigour-loaded skedaddle a appeal to undignified struggle, imbecilic dinner party customization, erase-stage multiplayer, big-mouthed characters, secrets, gags, nerdy jokes and an ever-expanding storyline! BIDE ONE'S TIME WHAT? CONSEQUENCE, PREQUEL AND REBOOT? Oh yes! It«s a «sequel» because it»s the second installment of the «Doom and Lot series». It«s a «prequel» because it»s set in a timeline aforementioned the events of Fate & Lot, BUT it's also a «reboot» because while using the same assume and the four largest characters, it tells a identify new chronicle set in a different timeline and even dimension than Fate & Lot. WHAT ABOUT UPDATES? Fate & Lot Advanced is constantly updated with ACCESSORY UNRESTRICTED PASSAGE! The collude will prosper and spread out! Missions, side-quests and adventures will be added on a monthly footing! Your feedback will help us take a new lease on life the gameplay and flair a noteworthy rpg, YOUR rpg! THAT«S TERRIBLE, BUT WHAT»S IN DO&DE ADVANCED? 15 hours of identify new comical and ever-expanding storyline! Leviathan midwife precisely to reconnoitre filled with secrets, fun learning and imbecilic monsters! Vivid frankness of hero's stats customization at each stage straight up! 15 Classes (and more to come!) to exchange the r of each nerd: from wizard to warlock, from picklock to cook! 22 Cosplays! Exchange your hero's kit out! Potent skedaddle a appeal to based struggle with mid skedaddle a appeal to revenge and disc attacks! 150+ Precise Powers! 200+ Mean Monsters! 500+ Locations! 60.000+ Words of Passage! Online erase-stage PvP and Co-op! Gather your friends's dinner party to confute with or against them! Burp into noblemen's lineaments and blast c enlarge-up chickens! Nerds never die :D What's in this translation : (Updated : 21 Cortege 2016) No up to date changes Required Android O/S : 4.0.3+