v's Recommended Games Sets 2014-09-17

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This is a whip-round of games from the /v/ Recommended Games Wiki. The systems covered are: Acorn — Archimedes Acorn — BBC Micro Apple — Apple II Apple — Apple IIGS Atari — Atari 2600 Atari — Atari 8-bit Atari — Jaguar Atari — Lynx Bandai — WonderSwan Bandai — WonderSwan Color Coleco — ColecoVision Commodore — 64 Commodore — Amiga Fairchild — Video Relief System/Channel F Fujitsu — FM — 7 GCE — Vectrex Magnavox — Odyssey2 Mattel — Intellivision Microsoft — MSX Microsoft — MSX2 NEC — PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 NEC — Wonderful Grafx Nintendo — Famicom/Nintendo Relief Group Nintendo — Famicom Disk Group Nintendo — Strategy Boy Nintendo — Strategy Boy Move Up Nintendo — Strategy Boy Color Nintendo — Nintendo 64 Nintendo — Satellaview Nintendo — Wonderful Famicom/Super Nintendo Relief Group Nintendo — Accepted Boy Sega — 32X Sega — Strategy Appurtenances Sega — Smear III/Master Group Sega — Megadrive/Genesis Sega — SG — 1000 Piercing — X1 Piercing — X68000 SNK — Neo Geo Centre SNK — Neo Geo Centre Color Why the /v/ Recommended Games Wiki? Well any muster is going to be as upbraiding, but if you're like me and don't want to have to select through a group together of shovelware every all together you want to feign a strategy, I think this is a curse at satisfactory starting pointless for a whip-round. In over to the bath ROMs, I have included pre-patched games with transubstantiation, re-transubstantiation, de-censorship and bug fix patches. There are also a few comprehensive increase hacks that I've included that can well be ignored, like the 2 contender cut for Secretive of Evermore and the 3 contender cut for Seiken Densetsu 3. I've also included the romhacks listed on the wiki. In each archive there is a «~notes.txt» record. This says what database I used to certify that set and sometimes explains why a certain strategy is missing, or why a strategy is named differently than what the database has it decided as. It's entirely possible I mis-patched some files, especially with the SNES games with their headered/unheadered blather. If any of the patched games ration out you alarm, surcease its access on romhacking.net to see if it's compatible with your emulator first before making a place. I tried to fantasize it shining as to what patches where used so they can well be looked up for this perspicacity among others. If there's nothing cooperative there, then please cease a talk about letting me know specifically which record is the muddle and I'll try to have it put-up for the next save. I will not however help you set up emulators, so don't ask.