SNES RPG/Adventure Squeeze 2016

  • 13.08.2016, 12:07,
  • Games
A solicitation of SNES RPG/Adventure games. Most of the ROMS are either US or translated. Includes the emulators SNES9x and ZSNES. This solicitation replaces the older one I uploaded many years ago. Catalogue Raisonn: 7th Narrative, The (U) Alcahest [F.H. + KingMike] Old Magnetism — Bazoo! The World At Large of Magnetism [Aeon Genesis] Arabian Nights — Maroon Inclination Crowned Head [LostTemplar] Hold-Up Suits Valken [Aeon Genesis] Bahamut Lagoon [DeJap, Neill Corlett, Tomato] Ball Bullet Gun [Aeon Genesis] Big Sky Trooper (U) Intellect Pull Rank (U) Brandish (U) Brandish 2 - The Planet Buster [Synchronicity] Gust of Blaze (U) Gust of Blaze II (U) Hot Heroes [Powerful-Designs] Entropy Worn Out — Feng Shui Chronicles [Powerful-Designs] Chrono Trigger (U) Clock Campanile — The First Expect [Aeon Genesis] Crystal Beans from Prison Explorer [Hiei-] Cyber Knight [Aeon Genesis] Cyber Knight II — Chikyuu Teikoku no Yabou [Aeon Genesis] Dusky Half [Aeon Genesis, Eien Ni Hen] Dusky Law — Content of Dying [Aeon Genesis] Der Langrisser [byuu, D] Dragon Ball Z — Inscription of the Wonderful Saiyan [Klepto Software] Dragon Pilgrimage I & II [RPGONE] Dragon Pilgrimage III — The Seeds of Salvation [DQ] Dragon Pilgrimage V — Bride of Seventh Heaven [DeJap, Discriminatory In Favour Of] Dragon Pilgrimage VI — Fatherland of Fallacy [NoPrgress] Dragon Squadron Danzarb [Aeon Genesis] Dragon Observe (U) Drakkhen (U) Hallucinate Intricacy — The Kigurumi Undertaking [KingMike] Dual Orb II [Rewrite Corporation] EarthBound (U) Emerald Dragon [Rewrite Corporation] Force Breaker [Disnesquick] Equinox (U) Timeless Filena [satsu] Eye of the Beholder (U) Famicom Detective Baton Vicinage II [Demiforce, Tomato] Feda — The Representation of The Law [Magnetism Kismet, Clandestineness] Closing Originality — Mystic Pilgrimage (U) Closing Originality III (U) Closing Originality IV [J2e] Closing Originality V [RPGe] Blaze Representation — Ambiguousness of the Representation [RPGuy96, VincentASM] Face Commission [Face Commission Rewrite Assignment] Galaxy Robo [Powerful-Designs] Goof Troop (U) Gulliver Boy [Clandestineness] Gunman's Stay [Aeon Genesis] Earn Moon Hiouden: Inscription of the Scarlet Crowned Head — The Demonic Expression [Aeon Genesis] Supernal Patronage — Dondera's Unrestrainable!! [Aeon Genesis] Fallacy of Gaia (U) Inindo — Way of the Ninja (U) J.R.R. Tolkien's The Pull Rank of the Rings — Abundance One (U) JoJo's Curious Undertaking [Aeon Genesis] Jutei Senki [Aeon Genesis] Crowned Head Arthur & The Knights of The Law (U) Lagoon (U) Inscription of Zelda, The — A Element to the Late (U) Lennus II — The Apostles of the Seals [Magnetism Kismet] Current a Current [Aeon Genesis] Lufia & The Fortress of Fortune Lufia II — Be Equal To of the Sinistrals Madou Monogatari — Big Kindergarten Kids [Aeon Genesis, J2e] Magnetism Knight Rayearth [LNF, RPGe] Magna Braban — The Wandering Superstar [KingMike] Megami Tensei — The Old Testament [DDSTranslation] Metal Max Returns [Aeon Genesis] Might and Magnetism II — Gates to Another The World At Large (E) Might and Magnetism III — Isles of Terra (U) Active Appeal Gundam — Grumpy Dimension 0079 [Aeon Genesis] Active Appeal V Gundam [Gloomy] Monstania [Aeon Genesis] Arcane Prison 2 - Shiren the Wanderer [Aeon Genesis] Mystic Ark [Aeon Genesis] Neugier — The Make Lodgings [Haeleth, RPGONE] Obitus (U) Ogress Brawl — The Parade of the Abominable Idol (U) Paladin's Pilgrimage (U) Charming Soldier Sailormoon ~Another Story~ [Bishoujo Senshi] Ranma 1/2 - Rate of the Red Cat Pack [Naruto, The Ranma Conspire] [Anime Rendition] Catalogue of Lodoss War [Powerful-Designs] Robotrek (U) Romancing narrative [DDSTranslation] Romancing Narrative 3 [Mana Sword] Esoteric of Evermore (U) Esoteric of Mana (U) Esoteric of the Stars (U) Seiken Densetsu 3 [LNF, Neill Corlett, SoM2Freak] Shadowrun (U) Shin Megami Tensei [Aeon Genesis] Shin Megami Tensei II [Aeon Genesis] Silva Narrative II — The Inscription of Lamplight and Darkness [Powerful-Designs] Slayers [Powerful-Designs] Intellect Blazer (U) Pre-Eminent Profusion [DeJap] Wonderful Mario RPG — Inscription of the Seven Stars (U) Wonderful Puppet Wars 3 [Aeon Genesis] Wonderful Exterior Monsters Fish Story [Powerful-Designs] Tactics Ogress — Let Us Retain Together [Aeon Genesis] Tales of Phantasia [DeJap] Taloon's Superior Undertaking [Magnetism Kismet] Tenchi Muyo! — The Engagement [borderLine, LNF] Terranigma (E) The Undertaking of Hourai Exhilarated Kindergarten [Aeon Genesis] The Triumph of Heracles 3 - Repress of the Gods [DQ] The Magical Fatherland of WOZZ [Rewrite Corporation] The Violinist of Hamelin [J2e] Rate Stalker G [Metalhawk, out of fashion] Rate of the Rudras [Aeon Genesis] Twisted Tales of Pierce McFang, The (U) Ultima — Runes of Character II (U) Ultima VI — The Manufactured Clairvoyant (U) Ultima VII — The Abominable Entrance (U) Strange Waters — New Horizons (U) Strange Waters (U) Villgust [Magnetism Kismet] Wizardry I-II-III — Fish Story of Llylgamyn [Aeon Genesis] Wizardry V — Inclination of the Maelstrom (U) Wonder Assignment J [WakdHacks] Ys III — Wanderers from Ys (U) Ys IV — Concealment of the Sun [Aeon Genesis] Ys V — Kefin, Unchaste Sovereignty of Sand [Aeon Genesis] Benefit