Indignant Birds Encounter! v2.4.7 (Mega Mod) APK [SadeemPC]

  • 13.08.2016, 12:12,
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Fuming Birds Dispute! v2.4.7 (Mega Mod) Requirements: AndroidOS 4.0+ Get gracious for a moment of decision in Fuming Birds Dispute! – a put together &#151; 3 passion where you take on other players in legitimate-habits battles of vital, bird swapping agility! Participate With your favorite throng on a wend one's way to put together tons of addictive feathery puzzles! GET GRACIOUS TO RUMBLE Against against friends (and foes) in legitimate-habits matches. Stock against the clock to put together as many panels as possible to power up your bird for the dispute! GRRRR! ARM YOURSELF Stock your birds with wacky weapons and arguable armor to dedicate them more trim, incursion power and also some dear skills to dedicate you the lip. It’s dispute or decamp! SET SLIDE AND DISPUTE Investigate strange islands loaded with challengers – then floor ‘em out in a put together-three passion! Win to unlock more birds, weapons and other items. Just look out for the Dragon Pigs… &#151; PROVOCATION other players globally in legitimate-habits put together-three puzzles &#151; POWER UP birds for the dispute by identical faster and better than your competitor &#151; PUT TOGETHER 4 to move dear powers, PUT TOGETHER 5 to start FEVER HABITS! &#151; WIN fights to return XP, win items and customize your throng and your cart leave &#151; ACCESSORIZE with different items to expand trim, incursion and add skills &#151; WARRANT bird coins in fights to buy more weapons and accessories in the research &#151; AGAINST the timely slots to unlock more items &#151; go on, dedicate it a extend! What's New: &#151; We addressed some slight issues in status to refurbish the buyer familiarity. MOD: 1. Redeem Lives 2. Redeem Cart Leave Lives 3. Redeem Arena Tickets 4. Unlock All Birds 5. Max Coins after increased Homepage <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a During the first run the meet requires an Internet coupling to download additional information (recommended Wi-Fi)