Assassin's Principles Pirates-v1.2.1-DblD-(Possession-1.4.3).ipa

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******************************************************************************* * AppAddict Cracking Pair * ******************************************************************************* A AAA AA AA AA AA AA A AA AA AAA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AAAA AAAAA AAA AAAA A AA AA AA A AAAAA AAAAA AAAA AAA AAA AAA AA AA A AA AA AA A A AA AAA A A AA A A A AAA AAA AA AAAAA AA AA AA AAAA AA A A A A AAA AA AAAA AA AA AAAAAAAA AA AA AA AAAAA AA A A AA A AAA A AA AA A AAAAA AA AA AA AAAA AA A AA AA AAAA A AA AA A AA AAAAA AA AAAA A A AA AA AA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Encyclopaedic Data ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Type.................: iOS Use Platform.............: iOS Compression Format...: IPA Replication Protection......: FairPlay (Apple DRM) + ASLR Contrivance Used............: Seize 1.4.3-git2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affix Data ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted by............: AppAddict Cracking Pair ( Recompense For Available Year.........: 2014 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recompense For Available Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***ATTENTION: this use is only compatible with iPhone 4S and higher. We can not assurance a pleasing gaming ordeal on iPhone 4*** “Outstanding visuals and music” ** “Definitely importance downloading.” “A solidly diverting plagiarize plot.” ** Become one of the most feared pirates of the Caribbean in this restricted Assassin's Belief enterprise on smartphones and tablets! Act as Alonzo Batilla, a unfledged and hopeful captain, a plagiarize energetic to take on the fiercest of enemies... Interlude all the rules, impugn empires and recompense for your own future! CLASH WITH IN HEARTLESS NAVAL COMBATS Keep in corporeal-conditions naval battles all over the Caribbean Sea. On from a all the way series of weapons to ruin your enemies and become a exactly plagiarize celebrity! BODY UP YOUR PARTY AND YOUR CARRY Purchase the most iconic boats of the Cherished Age of Piracy; ranging from the smallest gunboat to the Man O’War floating fortress Upgrade your utensil using the big subvention plundered from your encounters Rookie the finest party members and learn more than 50 new pirating techniques to become a better captain and the exactly masterly of naval spar. CATCH SIGHT GROUNDBREAKING 3D VISUALS ON NIMBLE AND TABLETS Changing survive conditions speedily modify the gameplay and redefine every countryside. Watch Out of storms and of the treacherous fog that will hide your enemies until the last seriousness! Bask in the West-Indies sunshine, look up to handsome sunsets and scud through the round-the-clock along breathtaking coastlines. SEARCH THE IMMENSITY OF THE CARIBBEAN Scud throughout a elephantine array of islands as you search a Caribbean enormous map Get A Kick more than 50 adventures and side missions, search for nearly one hundred treasures and past parchments and clash with your friends for the highest subvention. ENTER UPON ON AN EPIC CHASE FOR A MYTHICAL PRIDE AND JOY Busy an enterprise that will carousal the actually about La Buse’s abstruse past pride and joy. Irritated paths with Assassins and Templars and take partial in their age-old . Get Together With the most celebrated and colorful pirates of the era, including Sam Bellamy, Ben Hornigold and Blackbeard! Plot available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian. What's New in Manifestation 1.2.1 - Big Update with new gameplay features: Go Whale Hunting and Convene 50 species of Caribbean fish! — Unlock 2 New Ships and clash 6 awesome recorded Bosses — Impugn yourself to carcass the last one in the new Survival Modus Operandi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inaugurate Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- — You need to have: — Jailbroken iDevice iOS 7+ (required) — AppSync for your iOS manifestation (required) — AppAddict iOS app installed (discretional, but it has many apps) — Inaugurate the app through AppAddict app (there are other ways too, like ipainstaller) — Get A Kick :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONFIRM THE DEVELOPERS, BUY THIS APP THROUGH THE APP BANK! WITHOUT DEVELOPERS WE WOULD HAVE NOTHING! Confirm AppAddict, unlock scanty features — ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- — 2014